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Eastern Railroad Discussion > 3 in a row, a little differently

Date: 02/10/20 16:10
3 in a row, a little differently
Author: Skuat

The thread on the B&O freight house in Wheeling, WV got me thinking about this. A buddy of mine sent me a link the other day to figure out the center point between two or geographical locations. To give it a test I picked a couple places that I had pictures from on my phone. Most of the mid point locations ended up being in the middle of the woods or fields, places I'd never acutally been, one pair ended up with a surprising result though. I usually head down to Wheeling to catch a Nailers hockey game about once a month, they're the AA farm team of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and they play at Wesbanco Arena, which is located on the former location of the B&O freight house. I had a picture from a recent game, so I used that as an end point. The other end point was Union Bridge, MD where I had a shot of Maryland Midland's Union Bridge to Highfield train passing the former station in town, which is now home to the Western Maryland Historical society. I figured the midpoint between those two would be somewhere in the Somerset, PA area, turns out it's on the hill above the horseshoe curve at Mance, PA, a location I've been to many times. So here three shots in a row of different kind...

1. Maryland Midland SD45 bodied 3449 leads the road's two GP38 rebuilds and another 45 rebuild west past the world headquarters of the Western Maryland Historical Society with train UBHF. The train is made up mostly of cement loads bound for CSX interchange at Highfield, MD. Trackage here is the former Western Maryland East Sub. 

2. A pair of CSX GE's lead rack train Q261 westbound up around the mountains and into the horseshoe curve at Mance, PA on a spring day in 2014. Halfway between the Midland and the Ohio River.

3. Inside Wesbanco Arena, the Wheeling Nailers (yellow) get ready to take on the visiting Indy Fuel, on the banks of the Ohio River. 

Enjoy, and if you google 'geographic center locator' you should be able to come up some center points of your own.


Date: 02/10/20 16:22
Re: 3 in a row, a little differently
Author: overniteman

Wheeling, West Virginia will always be remembered closely by a friend and myself.

We were installing a business telephone system on 9/11/2001 in an insurance agency there when one of the employees let out a tremendous scream.

On the television in the waiting area, they were showing the plane smashing into the World Trade Center. 

We all stood there in stunned disbelief and asked each other, "Is this real?"


Date: 02/11/20 06:04
Re: 3 in a row, a little differently
Author: bigkidpgh

Where one stands is always a “mid-point” between two opposing locations - but your particular mid-point at Mance is quite a coincidence! Great post. Let’s go Nailers (and Pens)!

Date: 02/11/20 14:42
Re: 3 in a row, a little differently
Author: WM1205

The depot and office building in Union Briege, MD is the home of the Western Maryland Railway Historical Society.

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