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Date: 03/19/20 11:11
Rumbling Across The Mohawk
Author: ut-1

This video features a Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern freight crossing a dual-use bridge in Rome NY on March 18th as a UPS truck waits in the "hole."

The bridge carried mainline trains of the New York Central until 1912 when the main was realigned out of downtown Rome.

The hoppers will be stored a few miles from the bridge.

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Date: 03/19/20 11:59
Re: Rumbling Across The Mohawk
Author: ClubCar

Very interesting and I thank you for sharing this video with all of us.  Most of those covered hoppers look very clean also which is great.  Why are they being stored?  I like that bridge too with both train and auto/trucks sharing the bridge.  
John in White Marsh, Maryland

Date: 03/19/20 18:58
Re: Rumbling Across The Mohawk
Author: PCCRNSEngr

Elmira Bridge Co later became part of American Bridge Co. in Elmira Heights, NY. That plant complex is now CAF the builder of the Viewliner II and Lightrail Vehicles.

Date: 03/20/20 06:12
Re: Rumbling Across The Mohawk
Author: Theowhitey

What a wimp! Now I know why my package was delayed.
I could've fit that van across the bridge. After all, it is "dual-use".

Thanks for sharing another excellent video.

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