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Date: 03/24/20 21:45
CSXT Abbeville and GA Road Subdivisions
Author: bnsffan007

Morning folks,

  Would anyone happen to have a traffic count and train symbols currently running on CSXT's Abbeville and GA Road Subdivisions thru Atlanta?  With Tilford now sprouting weeds, I'm pretty sure the Abbeville traffic is down considerably from the pre-closure levels.  Are there any TOFC or stack trains running on the Abbeville?  Thanks for the info. 


Date: 03/25/20 06:42
Re: CSXT Abbeville and GA Road Subdivisions
Author: doc1057

I have a home a couple of miles from the Abbeville Sub and hear every train that goes by when I'm awake (horns sound for a grade crossing on my road, plus, being in the country, I can hear a train for 10-15 mins as it passes through). In the early days of EHH, traffic dropped to a trickle--I might hear one train during the day. This was just after he closed Tilford and Hamlet. Now, however, traffic seems to have rebounded some, and I even hear meets at the nearby siding (Leeds, SC). Andrew (florida581) can probably tell you exactly what train symbols operate and when. My hunch is that a portion of the present traffic is non-scheduled (grain, ethanol, and the like). There was intermodal service in past years on the line, but I don't know if there is any at present.
I can't provide any info on the GA Road status. It seems like there was a recent post on that topic, so maybe if you search the forums you can find some information.

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Date: 03/25/20 09:11
Re: CSXT Abbeville and GA Road Subdivisions
Author: MattW

Georgia Road:
Q197/Q198 - Savannah-Atlanta (Fairburn) (respectively) intermodals, daily, Q198 usually leaves Fairburn by 9am, Q197 usually arrives Fairburn by 11pm
A715 - Howells to Social Circle turn manifest, carries traffic for industries between Lithonia and Social Circle, usually runs at night
A721 - Lithonia and Conyers switcher, usually runs before and after Q198
A758 - Covington - Madison switcher, based in Social Circle, usually runs before and after Q198
A762 - Lithonia - Covington switcher, handles select industries in Covington and others A758 didn't get to work
A728 - Camak - Greensboro switcher
A729 - Camak - Sparta switcher (maybe goes to Augusta)
A757 Augusta - Camak switcher

T/U736 - Coal train, loads go south on the T train, empties come north on the U train
W221 - Loaded/empty coke train

The last two winter trackwork cycles on the Fitzgerald subdivision, there were some interesting reroutes, I think Q648, Q647, Q541, and Q542 made an appearance with the first two pairs being the only regular ones throughout the Fitz curfew.

There's a chicken feed plant opening in Crawfordville that is speculated to require a unit grain train, but knowing what that will look like is probably a year or so away.

Date: 03/25/20 11:01
Re: CSXT Abbeville and GA Road Subdivisions
Author: bnsffan007

Thanks for the replies guys.
  I also live fairly close to the Abbeville sub near Tucker, GA.   My great wintertime views of all the action are quickly coming to a close due to the trees and bushes rejuvenating.  I have
noticed what looks to be loaded unit coal, ethanol, automobile, and grain trains heading NB towards Abbeville during the daytime.  I'll also see what I assume are the empties for these
symbols returning towards Atlanta and points west.  In addition, there are several nighttime moves in both directions but I've been unable to identify train symbols or consist type.  Matt, I do appreciate the
GA Road information.  There are also occasional Hertzog and CSXT loaded ballast trains departing from the Quarry there in Lithonia.


Date: 03/25/20 11:40
Re: CSXT Abbeville and GA Road Subdivisions
Author: MattW

Actually all the rock trains (W0XX, I forgot about those) are to/from Camak now, apparently the quarry at Lithonia is done. I drove by there recently and the track reflects that, rusty and overgrown.

Date: 03/25/20 14:39
Re: CSXT Abbeville and GA Road Subdivisions
Author: SouthernPacific

Georgia Sub: I've seen Q197/Q198 in Augusta, GA or nearby in late afternoon/early evening, perhaps even meeting at the yard in South Augusta.

Date: 03/25/20 21:37
Re: CSXT Abbeville and GA Road Subdivisions
Author: MattW

Due to the typical train lengths (10k-13k) Augusta is pretty much the only place those two can meet. I think everything else (736, W221 and the W0XXs) can usually get in the major sidings.

Date: 03/26/20 04:38
Re: CSXT Abbeville and GA Road Subdivisions
Author: ctillnc

Last time I saw an ETT, the longest siding between Atlanta and Augusta was 9680 feet at Buckhead. The only other siding longer than 9000 feet was at Social Circle. I suppose in a dire situation the Camak subdivision could be used to clear a long train while another long train passes by, but putting a string of long wheelbase cars on that wye is a risky proposition. 

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