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Date: 03/25/20 11:39
While Waiting on the 1074
Author: WMMike

Not sure this is the right forum, but since I thought of it this morning while waiting on the Lackawanna unit to cross onto the Mon Line, I figure I'll reach out to the experts on this board.  

I spend a decent amount of time around the Port Perry Bridge along the GAP Trail.  Obviously, there's a substantial curve off the bridge onto the Mon Line in either direction and they proceed very slowly.  But how does the engineer know when the entire train is across the bridge and through the curve so he can resume track speed.  Does the FRED have something that alerts the engineer?  It's not like he can look in his rear view mirror to see the back end.  Not all trains are the same length.  Just curious and thanks in advance.  

Watching the train pull onto the Mon Line at Duquesne yielded the first photo, but by the time he got to Dravosburg, (about three miles south), the same settings got me the second, blurry photo as he was back to track speed.  

Again, thanks, 
West Mifflin

Date: 03/25/20 11:50
Re: While Waiting on the 1074
Author: ANDY117

Distance counters are built into the computer screens. GE's have 2, EMD's only have 1, at least on NS power.

Date: 03/25/20 13:48
Re: While Waiting on the 1074
Author: shadetree

Depends on the software loaded into the computers.  I've had UP units with 2 foot counters.


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