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Date: 03/25/20 12:32
Just a random Pan Shot
Author: tuxedorailfan

1/50 Pan shot of a big UP SD70ACe leading NS train 226 out of Meridian, MS on 3/21/2020. 

During these uncertain times some of us are facing, I want to hope all of you are doing well during this rough time we're having in our country and the world around us. The more I look at the attached image, the more it truly speaks to me. I had absolutely no intention of going out this past Saturday since it was my only day off from work, but I did so any way. I heard 226 toning up the AGS South End and figured I'd watch them go by. As they approached the KCS/NS Diamond in Meridian I saw the lead unit, which was particularly cleaner than most so I decided to pace the train and get a pan shot of it leaving town. With no other cars on the highway, and nothing but clear signals, the engineer had the big ACe and 2 GE's in notch 8 as they roared out of town, and within minutes the train was doing 55 and pulling away from me. 

After I got my quick pan shot, I headed for home. To some, this photo shows nothing more than your average UP motor that we see on many trains across the country on all of the Class 1's, but for some reason it looked a lot better on this morning... Don't know exactly what makes this pan shot any better or more significant that an of the others I've taken. Maybe it's the fact that it was just the train and me. The large flag and the words "Building America" struck hard on this morning. It shows that even in the worst of times, it's hard to stop us. Railroads and trucking companies are what's keeping us going through this global issue. Bringing the supplies we need directly to us. I guess that's why this dreary yet vibrant image sticks out to me. 

Hope everyone gets a dose of needed positivity out of this photo. 


Date: 03/25/20 14:54
Re: Just a random Pan Shot
Author: Tominde

WOW!   Thanks for going out and thanks for sharing.  

IOTD Nomination from me.

Date: 03/25/20 15:20
Re: Just a random Pan Shot
Author: robj

Tominde Wrote:
> WOW!   Thanks for going out and thanks for
> sharing.  
> IOTD Nomination from me.

Yep, well done.


Date: 03/25/20 17:40
Re: Just a random Pan Shot
Author: algoma11

Very nice !

Mike Bannon
St Catharines, ON

Date: 03/27/20 17:20
Re: Just a random Pan Shot
Author: tq-07fan

Nice! The story and the image!


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