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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Pinkerton "Tunnel" - A look back

Date: 09/15/20 07:57
Pinkerton "Tunnel" - A look back
Author: cinder

The single-track Pinkerton Tunnel on the CSX mainline at mp235 was daylighted in 2012/13.  The location is 25 miles west of Sand Patch.

1.  Amtrak P030 emerges from an early morning fog on September 5, 2020.
2.  Amtrak P030 emerges into bright sunlight 7 years earlier (9/26/13).
3.  Westbound manifest exits west portal of the tunnel on November 11, 2012.  The tunnel has but a few months to live.

Date: 09/15/20 07:59
Re: Pinkerton "Tunnel" - A look back
Author: refarkas

First-class historic images.

Date: 09/15/20 08:05
Re: Pinkerton "Tunnel" - A look back
Author: cinder

4.  A view from above the east portal on 11/11/12.  The bypass track is about to be cut in so the tunnel can be removed.
5.  Eastbound loaded coal train exits the east portal on 10/13/12.  The 2-unit helper has just cleared the tunnel.  It's really one train on the single track.  The shadows are deceiving..
6.  A wider view of the daylight job. (10/13/12)  Note the massive "spoil area"  where the tuinnel overburden was being spread.  The two Western Maryland railroad bridges are visible on either side of its own tunnel through the "thumb".  This of course, is now the Great Allegheny Passage trail.

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Date: 09/15/20 10:46
Re: Pinkerton "Tunnel" - A look back
Author: RFandPFan

Well done Cinder!  Thanks for posting.

Date: 09/15/20 13:47
Re: Pinkerton "Tunnel" - A look back
Author: FloridaTrainGuy

Hard to believe that this was better than just expanding the tunnel. 

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Date: 09/15/20 15:11
Re: Pinkerton "Tunnel" - A look back
Author: MEKoch

The Western Maryland side of the river is the Great Allegheny Passage Trail.  You can walk or bike this segment from Confluence to Rockwood.  It is very scenic and a modest 0.8% eastbound grade.  Also shaded by trees most of the way.  

Date: 09/15/20 15:53
Re: Pinkerton "Tunnel" - A look back
Author: chessie7602

I always have wondered why they didn't double-track from Shoo-Fly to Pinkerton after daylighting the tunnels.  Anyone know why?


Date: 09/15/20 19:18
Re: Pinkerton "Tunnel" - A look back
Author: cinder

Brook Tunnel at Fort Hill.

Date: 09/15/20 19:27
Re: Pinkerton "Tunnel" - A look back
Author: Cumberland

I never truly realized how close one was to civilization when at the east portal of Brook Tunnel, until now...

Awsome photos, Cinder!

Date: 09/20/20 09:26
Re: Pinkerton "Tunnel" - A look back
Author: Coalca

The center of the new cut must be very close to the Western Maryland tunnel next to it. I know the engineers took it into account. The Western Maryland tunnel is now corrugated steel and grout for safe passage of bikers and hikers on the Great Allegheny Passage trail. 

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