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Date: 11/20/20 07:55
VR cameras questions
Author: mully

Watching one out of Princeton IN and another out of Parkville MO. Who’s lines are these? What is the route from where to where? And traffic levels ?


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Date: 11/20/20 08:31
Re: VR cameras questions
Author: RDG5308

From the Parkville, MO Youtube page description:

Parkville is located on the BNSF St. Joseph’s sub, running from Murray Yard, Missouri to Lincoln, Nebraska.  The crossing is MP 9.660, and TT track speed is 45 mph. This is not a quiet Zone. You can expect to see 45 trains a day. There are no Amtraks on this line, and no radio feed available. 

From the Princeton, IN Youtube page:


The VRF cameras are hosted by the Gibson County Visitors and Tourism Bureau. There are 2 lines here. The closer track is CSX, specifically the CE&D Subdivision (of their Nashville Division), which was formerly the Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad (C&EI).  The farther track is Norfolk Southern (NS), specifically the Southern East District (of their Illinois Division), which was formerly the Southern Railway (SOU or SR) line between St. Louis and Louisville.
Less than a mile south of here, the NS line crosses the CSX at a diamond as it swings to the east towards Louisville.
There is also a radio feed available for the CE&D Sub to the north (also provides their Illinois Sub): https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/f...
CE&D Sub on AAR channels 94 & 84 (161.520 & 161.370) and Illinois Sub on AAR channels 8 & 58 (160.980 & 160.230)
There are ATCS layouts for both lines, but only "legacy" for CSX (as it's no longer on radio code line) and no server coverage for NS, i.e., no monitoring available for either.
There are no Amtrak passenger trains here.
There’s no schedule for freight trains, but some of our more knowledgeable members will provide real-time information when it’s available. Please refrain from asking.


Date: 11/20/20 09:21
Re: VR cameras questions
Author: mully



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Date: 11/20/20 17:27
Re: VR cameras questions
Author: goneon66

thanks for this heads-up.  great cam.................


Date: 11/21/20 08:12
Re: VR cameras questions
Author: florida581

I just did a Nov 20th 24-hr (midnight to midnight) train count for the Parkville, MO cam.  The BNSF St. Joseph Sub saw 42 trains.

00:46 WB coal empties 
01:03 WB ethanol empties 
01:19 WB manifest
01:57 EB coal loads
02:11 WB coal empties 
03:21 WB manifest 
04:43 EB coal loads
07:13 EB coal loads
09:28 EB ethanol loads
10:28 EB sulphur loads
10:41 EB coal loads
11:20 WB grain empties 
11:41 WB coal empties
11:57 EB manifest
12:26 EB ethanol loads
12:38 EB sulphur loads
13:05 WB intermodal 
13:33 WB coal empties
14:19 EB coal loads
14:34 EB grain loads
14:48 WB coal empties 
15:01 EB coal loads
15:31 WB coal empties 
15:46 EB coal loads 
16:01 EB grain loads
16:34 EB manifest 
17:00 WB ethanol empties 
17:34 EB grain loads
18:11 EB manifest 
18:33 EB ethanol loads
18:57 EB manifest 
19:23 EB coal loads
19:51 WB manifest 
20:08 WB coal empties
20:26 EB coal loads
20:41 EB manifest 
20:59 WB manifest 
21:17 WB coal empties 
21:32 EB manifest 
22:30 WB special move (wind turbine hubs)
23:00 EB ethanol loads
23:13 WB grain empties 

Total - 42
17 coal
10 manifest 
6 ethanol
5 grain
2 sulphur 
1 intermodal 
1 special movement (wind turbine hubs)


Date: 11/21/20 13:50
Re: VR cameras questions
Author: mully

Thanks Andrew


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