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Date: 04/04/21 13:31
Current Vermont Traffic
Author: nydepot

I'm hoping to take a trip in the next couple of months to see some trains in Vermont. I've checked another forum and would like to find out from people here what the current situation is with trains on the Vermont Railway and subsid, Pan Am, New England Central, Island Pond vicinity, and Newport vicinity. I realize things can change at any time.

What are the current schedules for operations in Vermont? Thanks.

Date: 04/05/21 22:58
Re: Current Vermont Traffic
Author: pennsy3750

Pan Am comes up from East Deerfield to Bellows Falls three nights/week.  If you're there in the longest days of summer you might be able to catch them around Brattleboro in daylight.  If you ventured into Massachusetts, you could definitely see them coming out of the yard and starting up the Conn River Line before dark.

Island Pond might see an afternoon eastbound, the westbound will be late at night.  Both run Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri last I heard.

For VRS, below is what I have.  Note that its dated at this point and should not be considered definitive.
 -- Burlington-Rutland turn.  Leaves Burlington daily around noon, daily.
 -- Burlington-Middlebury turn, runs Mon-Sat
 -- Burlington Switcher, 8am Mo-Fr.
 -- Bellows Falls switcher, 8am Mo-Fr.
 -- Turn to North Bennington/Hoosic Junction.  I think this is a Sun-Thu job but not certain.
 -- Turn to Whitehall I think is still five nights/week.
 -- Florence switcher, 6am daily
 -- Turn to Bellows Falls is a couple days a week; last I heard is they dropped the Saturday runs due to changing traffic patterns.

Newport job last I knew was operating north or south on alternating weekdays, not sure if that's still the case.

NECR road jobs are overnight, four nights/week.  White River Jct switcher I believe is still five days/week.  The Chip Train for Burlington Electric is still running but I dunno how often.

Date: 04/06/21 18:11
Re: Current Vermont Traffic
Author: DavidP

Nice summary Pennsy3750!  Do you know if Pan Am is still running to WRJ?

I've encountered  the VRS Newport job around midday a couple of times recently between WRJ and St. J, both NB and SB.


Date: 04/07/21 06:11
Re: Current Vermont Traffic
Author: pennsy3750

DavidP Wrote:
> Nice summary Pennsy3750!  Do you know if Pan Am
> is still running to WRJ?

I believe they still have operating rights that far, but I don't think they've had a customer up there since NECR bought out what was left of the Claremeont & Concord RR.

Date: 04/07/21 08:37
Re: Current Vermont Traffic
Author: nydepot

Thank you, Pennsy3750.

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