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Eastern Railroad Discussion > NS H19 eastbound at Cola

Date: 04/06/21 16:20
NS H19 eastbound at Cola
Author: NS4271

Heading to Lancaster, PA. on the Columbia Branch  4/6/2021

Date: 04/06/21 18:56
Re: NS H19 eastbound at Cola
Author: Gonut1

Always enjoy your posts from Columbia, PA. When my dad was a kid and my Grandfather drove the family to visit relatives in York County, the only bridge over the Susquehanna then, was the PRR bridge shared with road traffic. It was one track wide and he said there was a traffic light at each end, about every 5 minutes it changed for the other direction, and of course to red for everyone come train time. The "old" concrete bridge, in the background of your image, was built and opened and the PRR abandoned that old route to York and they removed the old steel through truss bridge. Of course now the limited access highway crosses on a "newer" bridge and the concrete bridge remains foir local traffic.

Date: 04/06/21 20:00
Re: NS H19 eastbound at Cola
Author: misty1

Have to agree with you Gonut the pilings are still in the river from the bridge. The story in York goes that the original wooden bridge across the river was burned during the Civil War. Seems I have seen picyures or something bout that. Help me out here Bruce. Also wanted to ask you if you can find out where or what YKR is shipping out this way I am seeing YKR boxcars at least once a week when I am in Davenport. Nice pics Bruce.


Date: 04/06/21 21:30
Re: NS H19 eastbound at Cola
Author: krm152

That's what I call excellent.  Definitely like.
Thanks for the posting.

Date: 04/07/21 06:29
Re: NS H19 eastbound at Cola
Author: NS4271

One more photo from yesterday at Cola in Columbia, PA. 4/6/2021

Date: 04/07/21 12:44
Re: NS H19 eastbound at Cola
Author: dschlegel

Good stuff again Bruce!


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