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Date: 10/19/21 11:47
Caney Fork & Western Operations
Author: NormSchultze

I'll have the opportunity to be in the Vacinity of McMinnville week after next.   Can someone provide a short answer to their operational pattern. THX.

Date: 10/19/21 13:40
Re: Caney Fork & Western Operations
Author: ShortlinesUSA

They operate on an alternating schedule between McMinnville and Tullahoma on weekdays.  There is no guarantee on which end of the line they'll begin their day.  That crew also works the Walking Horse RR up in Shelbyville, so there is usually one weekday the CFWR won't run because the crew is at the WHRR.

The shop is in McMinnville.  The largest online customer is Bridgestone in Morrison, TN (about 5 miles east of McM) and that is where the train typically begins on that end of the line.  The power for the train is typically left there, as well.  The crew reports at McM and drives to wherever the power is.  I believe their on duty time is 0800, so if the train is down in Tullahoma, don't expect them to get there until a little after 0900.  The train will be tied down just east of downtown in a stretch right along Hwy 55.

Good luck!

Mike Derrick

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Date: 10/19/21 17:11
Re: Caney Fork & Western Operations
Author: Asheville_G

The office was quite friendly when I called one morning back in May of 2020. Told me what the plan for the day was.

Grady McKinley
Asheville, NC.

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