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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Iced Over in Lake Erie Land

Date: 01/10/22 08:31
Iced Over in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

Monday January 10, 2022
Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" was published on this date in 1776

Vermilion, OH

There have been some ice chunks on Lake Erie but over all it is clear, however, this morning the Vermilion River was iced over making for a nice shot of this
eastbound intermodal with BNSF power. (BNSF 4245 and 796)

Date: 01/10/22 11:43
Re: Iced Over in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

Continued - January 10, 2022 - After Lunch

A few more from today.........

2. An eagle-eye out there spotting for trains on the Chicago Line.

3. An intermodal east, this looked like 24M but I could not verify. NS 9934 and 1818 as power.

4. Then a westbound intermodal  with NS 9809 and 9881 and a slight splash of sun.

Date: 01/10/22 11:48
Re: Iced Over in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

5. After a heads up and waiting for over an hour and ten minutes I "just miss" this Train 310 blowing by like a rocket sled with some interesting power.

6. NS 1047, 9546, 3395 (SD40-2, ex Conrail 6467 blt. October 1978) and NS 6951 (an SD60 built as C&NW 8032 - Sept. 1986 and now an SD60E). Note the open cab door on the 3395.

7. And there is goes ... caught on the run.

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