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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Snowy Action in Lake Erie Land

Date: 01/15/22 14:42
Snowy Action in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

Saturday January 15, 2021
President Nixon suspends all U.S. offensive action in Vietnam on this date in 1973

Vermilion OH

1. The BNSF's are back on Train 206 caught here in a view from Helen Drive looking towards Woodside Crossing on the NKP as the train heads towards Cleveland in a bit of a squall off Lake Erie just a short distance out of sight to the right. Power is BNSF 4245 and 796.

2. The going away shot, and yes it is very frigid with temps in the low 20's and an icy wind off the lake.

3. Now heading over to town on the Chicago Line a headlight appears and it is Train 778 a MONSTER Coal Train heading westbound. He is on Track 2 and will take the crossover to go over to the Nickel Plate and down to Bellevue. Power is NS 3631 and 3607 on the head end with 3 DPU's in the middle NS 4055, 8180 and 4088 and 2 DPU's on the rear NS 8031 and 4082.  I don't know the tonnage or length but he was BIG !

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Date: 01/15/22 14:47
Re: Snowy Action in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

4. And around the bend he comes  ......  with head end power NS 3631 and 3607.

5.  The middle DPU's NS 4055, 8180 and 4088.

6. And now the rear DPU's NS 8031 and 4082 bring up the rear.

Date: 01/15/22 14:48
Re: Snowy Action in Lake Erie Land
Author: cutboy1958

Nice  shots  from a  neat    town!!   Thanks  for  the  rinder.  I  departed   RVN  July of  '69  and  you don't  forget  the  date.

Date: 01/15/22 15:00
Re: Snowy Action in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

7. Back to the NKP, this guy is coming east at Barnes Road west of town heading for GC where he will take the connector east to the Chicago Line. He met the big 778 coal train somewhere down the pike towards Bellevue. I don't know his symbol, never heard him call anything on the radio and never heard anything from the dispatcher(s), but his power was NS 7589 and 9806 making for a nice rural Ohio farm scene. (*edit - confirmed to be Train 32N - Madison, IL to Conway)

8. And the final shot of the day is Train 316 up from Bellevue and on a straight shot Nickel Plate run for Cleveland, Conneaut and points east. Here he is running alongside Berkley Road approaching "KM" and coming under the Route 6 overpass on the east side of town with a one unit wonder, NS 8079 doing all the work. With the temperature at 23 degrees and a stiff wind out of the ENE and a long train behind, it crosses one's mind regarding; cold-long train-air issues down the road. Hopefully it will be an uneventful trip.

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Date: 01/16/22 15:09
Re: Snowy Action in Lake Erie Land
Author: ns1000

778 is running around 13,000ft/30,000ton......give or take.

Fun times.... 

Date: 01/16/22 15:11
Re: Snowy Action in Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

Yikes !  That is a BIG MONSTER of a train for sure !
Thanks for the info.

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