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Date: 05/09/22 21:26
Colorful CSX consist
Author: srman

High sun but couldn't pass up a shot of this consist today as it was heading north from Louisville Ky. to Cincinnati. SD40-2 4059, CN SD70Ace 8020 and a former CITX now CN ES44AC 3944
along Frankfort Ave. in east Louisville pulling a grain train.

Date: 05/10/22 00:42
Re: Colorful CSX consist
Author: Texican65

Man that’s a beautiful shot! It belongs in the company calendar for sure!

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Date: 05/10/22 10:59
Re: Colorful CSX consist
Author: zars

CSX does not put out a calendar any more.  It was shut off just after EHH came on board and was a victim of his PSR mindset.

Date: 05/10/22 19:58
Re: Colorful CSX consist
Author: wa4umr

That must have been around 2:00 on Monday.  I had just gotten out of dialysis and I stopped to grab a bite at the Mcdonald's across from Obannon.  I drove over to the wye and parked in the shade to eat my lunch and saw that going north to Cincinnati,  


Date: 05/11/22 17:56
Re: Colorful CSX consist
Author: pedrop

Fantastic shot. Well done. Picture of the day, for sure.

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Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG

Date: 05/12/22 15:45
Re: Colorful CSX consist
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

Date: 05/13/22 07:32
Re: Colorful CSX consist
Author: gregscholl

Very nice photo with a colorful variety of power and the flowers make the shot.  Have chased a couple of trains from Cincinnati to around Walton, but not more than that.
Saw one local northbound in the morning.  So what sort of traffic is on this line?  I heard they were running northbounds on the North Vernon Line, and SB on the line you shot this.  Obviously thats wrong.  So how many trains would go through La Grange on a given day from or to Cincinnati?
Greg Scholl

Date: 05/13/22 09:15
Re: Colorful CSX consist
Author: srman

Well it varies. Generally northbounds that head for Cincinnati will head up the LIRC to Seymour then turn east on the old B&O. However not always. CSX trains Q576 and Q574 I've seen go either way. I suppose it depends on what southbounds they have coming down the shortline. Southbounds are a sure bet but northbounds it just depends. Wild guess maybe 8-10 on the shortline in a 24 hour period southbound or northbound. Others my have a better answer.

Date: 05/13/22 10:28
Re: Colorful CSX consist
Author: RRBMail

This is a beautiful shot, but like your previous photo, it shares an unusual quality. Has it been computer assisted?  

Date: 05/13/22 11:31
Re: Colorful CSX consist
Author: srman

With high sun I did work a little on the shadows in PS however after that pretty much as shot. 

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