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Date: 06/23/22 10:29
Piscataway NJ Kinkisharyo plant
Author: erielackawanna

On my way to the airport in Newark on April 22, 2022, I made a stop I'd long wanted to do at the Kinkisharyo Piscataway facility to try and see the Public Service of NJ PCC car they had on display. When I first got there I saw what had to be a PCC car fully wrapped and assumed the railfan gods had got me good, but it turned out that was not the display car. Found it driving around the facility. Also found a GP40FH-2 back there that I had no idea about.

Date: 06/23/22 12:05
Re: Piscataway NJ Kinkisharyo plant
Author: Gonut1

Neat find. I spent a few days in that area 20+ years ago and the Kinksharo location was a huge Union Carbide plant with lots of rail activity. I spent a couple evenings video taping there and west of the Bound Brooke station, an off limits area now. Before leaving to drive nome the last day I stopped at the water works road crossing.

Date: 06/23/22 13:29
Re: Piscataway NJ Kinkisharyo plant
Author: DocJohn

Was this the site of the Union Carbide Bakelite plant on River Road just south of downtown Bound Brook?  If so, I worked in the R&D lab there 1970-71. Lab I worked in had window facing north and a great view of CNJ main and Reading branch.


Date: 06/23/22 19:43
Re: Piscataway NJ Kinkisharyo plant
Author: Gonut1

Doc John,
I am not aware of what the plant produced but did see that the unusual carbon black container cars that I saw passing north through Philadelphia were being shoved into that UC plant answering my curiosity of what and where they were going. It certainly would have been a great place to see CNJ and Reading as they both passed there. I am a little surprised that Bakelite was still  being produced then. It was such a brittle plastic from the 1950's. 

Date: 06/24/22 05:57
Re: Piscataway NJ Kinkisharyo plant
Author: kjmk

Yep, this is on the former Bakelite site. You wouldn't recognize it today, all big box buildings and warehouses.

Date: 06/24/22 12:05
Re: Piscataway NJ Kinkisharyo plant
Author: sig292

Interestingly the PCC is located not far from where Public Service once ran trolleys (until 1933.) The trolleys would operate on Lincoln Boulevard.and just about a quarter mile from the PCC, there they could continue straight into Bound Brook or make a turn off Lincoln and cross over the CNJ and LVRR on a bridge, then continue on River Road to New Brunswick. The cement abutments for the bridge lasted until fairly recently, demolished when they built the housing development that now occupies the site.
-Ken Gear 

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