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Date: 07/02/22 11:04
Georgia Central operations
Author: Martin_K_OToole

I happened by the Macon yard other day and was reminded I need to catch the B32-8s on the road. The G&W scheme was nice and shiny even if it was only G&W. Any information on present operations?


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Date: 07/03/22 20:01
Re: Georgia Central operations
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Regarding present operations, one word-- unpredictable. There has been a very extensive trackwork project ongoing from Jeffersonville to Macon since late last year.

That work is supposed to be finished soon. Until it is, the Macon-Vidalia train is running at night.

Regardless of what the schedule is supposed to be from Macon and Savannah, Vidalia seems to be your best shot at finding trains.

There should (I can't emphasize that word enough) be a train coming west from Savannah to Vidalia in the morning, arriving around midday. It'll swap cars from the Macon train, which came over the previous night. They should (again, there's that word) head back to Savannah, getting recrewed somewhere along the way.

All that said, anything can and does happen. Sometimes there's no recrew and the Savannah train sits in Vidalia until that crew is rested and returns.

I say all this from experience-- I've been over there multiple times looking for things running on a schedule given by people in the know. Every time it has been something different.

The one rule I have taken away from all my visits is that Vidalia is your best shot at finding the road trains with the GEs.

Edit-- I meant to add a photo to provide a bit more context for those who aren't all that familiar with the Georgia Central and it's recently acquired GE B32-8s. It's at the link below, because I don't have that file available to me at the moment while traveling.


Mike Derrick

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