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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Hanging at Huron - Lake Erie Land

Date: 09/17/22 17:09
Hanging at Huron - Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

Saturday September 17, 2022
Huron, OH

Slow day and got skunked a few times missing trains, then the camera quit.

1. The 10N (autos), another very short train and today, he has three locomotives instead of the normal single unit. NS 4068, 9785 and 9822 are the power as they come past the old Huron Cement Products, now rebranded Terminal Redi-Mix.

2. Looking the other way we see counterpart 11N with NS 3604 as the lone unit on a long string of what are most likely all mtys crossing the Huron River bridge and passing CP 232 approaching Main Street.

Date: 09/18/22 20:20
Re: Hanging at Huron - Lake Erie Land
Author: Gonut1

Is the Ready Mix rail served! When I was a kid 60 years ago they all were! Not so much today but there is still cement shipped by rail to somewhere? Around the late Fifties the cement mills started loading trucks as well as rail cement cars from the same silos. Just another trend of moving freight to trucks that was occurring at the time. 
Sorry to hear the camera quit? Hopefully not a major problem and we continue to get your great posts. I've been throught the digital camera as well as the film camera fail. It basically sucks!

Date: 09/19/22 05:36
Re: Hanging at Huron - Lake Erie Land
Author: train1275

No, no rail service into the Redi-Mix plant these days. 

I have a Canon EOS Tiii. It has been a great camera, but a few glitches lately. This day it just shut me down.
Yesterday I took it to Cleveland and it failed once, but then worked.

Sucks for those "one and done, have to get shots". Not sure what I am going to do if it persists.

Date: 09/21/22 08:43
Re: Hanging at Huron - Lake Erie Land
Author: zars

I do remember as a kid; when the overhead hopper next to the facility and the conveyor up to it were delivered by the NYC, on three flatcars.  There was a siding on the north end of the main line (it would have been Track #3) next to the cement company and the cars were spotted and unloaded from there.  It was a good investment for th company; it has been in continuous use since then, for more than 50 years. 

Where this cement plant is located was once the Huron Municipal Power plant until around 1960 and it was rail served. The attached photo I bought from the NYC Historical Society was taken in 1906, just west of the Center Street crossing.  You can see the stack for the power plant that once stood there.  To the right was a small grain elevator, the Huron Freight Station (torn down in 2021), a large water tank and the Huron Depot, that are now all gone. 

Center Steet in Huron once crossed the tracks on top of an embankment.  It was the hill where we all mastered using a manual transmission and clutch when we learned to drive.  It was replaced in 1984 by an underpass at this location.

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