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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Unusual UP stack train

Date: 09/19/22 19:03
Unusual UP stack train
Author: calumet

Once upon a time stack trains were just that--stacks and nothing else-- but with PSR we're seeing stacks with other loads aboard.  Here's a UP train at Woodland Jct with about 70 double stacks but whose first ten cars are auto racks. The second photo shows another curious feature of this train.

Date: 09/19/22 19:15
Re: Unusual UP stack train
Author: Gonut1

Our local trains are also so very confused. What were strictly stack trains are now a mix. Autoracks, stacks and manifest freight. But I haven't seen a DP unit one car from the hind end!

Date: 09/19/22 20:06
Re: Unusual UP stack train
Author: SOU3921

And that DPU is one of the original real  x7550 series AC6000CWs with wings!

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Date: 09/19/22 20:46
Re: Unusual UP stack train
Author: DevalDragon

Guess that last car was really hot and added at the last second.

Date: 09/20/22 05:40
Re: Unusual UP stack train
Author: tuxedorailfan

Just placed the DPU where the tonnage said it was needed. 

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