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Date: 09/20/22 18:29
Beesley Point Secondary
Author: PRSL-recall

Originally from Haddon Heights NJ I was well familiar with PRSL's Clementon Branch, renamed in Conrail days to Beesley Point Secondary. I'm now aware that service has long ceased to Cape May County Resorts on that line and of course more recently freight service to Beesley's Point. My question is what kind of traffic is remaining on this line as it is very evident from my occasional revisits that there is still activity at least as far as Winslow Jct.
It also appears that Cape May Seahore Lines is still using the stretch from Richland to Tuckahoe.
I am just wondering what freight traffic remains and how far down the line customers still exist. If there is already a post on this subject I don't want to waste anyone's time as I'd be happy to be redirected to where this topic has been addressed. Thank You!


Date: 09/20/22 18:45
Re: Beesley Point Secondary
Author: boejoe

The PRSL Historical Society might be a source of info or West Jersey Chapter NRHS.

Date: 09/20/22 21:55
Re: Beesley Point Secondary
Author: pdt

AFAIK....There is at least 1 local on the clementon Br for local industry, and CSAO also interchanges with the SRR of NJ at Winslow Jct.  IDK if the same train does both local work and the interchange or not these days.
I think the CMSL now operates the track from Winslow to Tuckhoe, and whatever is active south/east of there .
There are some south jersey ppl here who should know more.

Date: 09/21/22 05:02
Re: Beesley Point Secondary
Author: chuchubob

CSAO WPCA51 operates on the Beesley Point Secondary.

Date: 09/21/22 05:05
Re: Beesley Point Secondary
Author: NYSW252

Southern Railroad of New Jersey interchange at WInslow Junction. Believe their is a customer at Richland served by the Seashore Lines. Also, the Seashore Lines stores freight cars for Conrail east of Tuckahoe.

Date: 09/21/22 14:04
Re: Beesley Point Secondary
Author: kjmk

Date: 09/21/22 14:39
Re: Beesley Point Secondary
Author: pdt

chuchubob Wrote:
> CSAO WPCA51 operates on the Beesley Point
> Secondary.

So, Mr all south jersey knowledgeable chuchubob...
Does WPCA51 operate to Winslow Jct and back now...leaving Winslow jct-tucahoe-Beesleys Pt to the CMSL?  That's what I heard...

IS the WPCA51 the only train that operates on what we used to call the Clementon Branch (Ex-RDG Browns to Winslow Jct)  these days.
5 or 6 days a week, dayl;ight job?


Date: 09/22/22 16:42
Re: Beesley Point Secondary
Author: PRSL-recall

Thanks to everyone for the info supplied. Much appreciated.

Date: 09/26/22 06:45
Re: Beesley Point Secondary
Author: PlyWoody

Take note there are two line names involved as the track from Winslow Jct. to former Palermo switch is called the Beesley Point Secondary owned by New Jersey DOT that CSA has operatng right over, sub leased from Tuckahoe to Winslow Jct to Cape May Seashore Line.  At that former switch near Palermo the track becomes the Beesley Point Industrial track owned by Conrail Shared Access for 2.4 miles.  At that point in the middle of the curve west of the Tuckahoe- Ocean City road crossing (the insulated joints of the crossing) the track becomes the power company ownership for another apox 2.5 miles.  This industrial track has trees growing in it now as not being used and is out of service, and 3 grade crossing are not inspected.  CSA is possibly considering shipping scrap steel from the dismantling of the coal fired power plant.   CSA has prohibited storage of cars on the former Ocean City Branch south of Tuckahoe on the line even though they have not operated over it.  

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