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Date: 09/22/22 12:54
West Brownsville info request.
Author: Goremirebob

Hello. Nice to be back on Trainorders after over 20 years. I'm hoping to visit from the UK in late October/Early November. I would like to re-vist West Brownsville to see the street running. Last time I was there was Fall '93, and there were planty of trains, about one every 90 minutes or so. Can someone advise what the approximate frequency is now? Also, are there any other towns  in Pennsylvania with street running, and again, what's the approximate frequency? Any other useful informarion appreciated. Thanks.

Date: 09/22/22 13:10
Re: PA street running
Author: toledopatch

There also is street running in several other Pennsylvania locations. The ones I can remember:

CSX, former P&LE, at Elizabeth on the line to Newell Yard (just north of Brownsville). CSX sets that load on the former MGA use this trackage unless they use the MGA East Division to/from Morgantown. There had for a while also been a train with Buffalo & Pittsburgh power that loaded down there for delivery to a plant on the B&P but I don't know if that still occurs, and it ran through Elizabeth.

Nittany & Bald Eagle, former PRR Bald Eagle branch, at Tyrone. NBER runs from Bellefonte down to Tyrone several times per week to interchange with Norfolk Southern. Last I knew, this was usually Monday-Wednesday-Friday in the mornings, but that may have changed.

Juniata Valley, ex-PRR, at Lewistown - locally-based shortline runs through a street there several times per week to switch a primary customer. I believe the normal days for this also are Mo-We-Fr.

I believe there's also a short stretch of street running in York, Pa., but I know nothing of what runs on it.

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Date: 09/22/22 15:41
Re: PA street running
Author: pennsypower

R J Corman Pennsylvania Lines , Clearfield, PA  .  From their yard, they cross the Susquehanna, then many blocks of street running thru town.  Current frequency unknown.

Paul B.

Date: 09/22/22 17:17
Re: PA street running
Author: DJ-12

West Brownsville is still worth a visit. The old MGA west division to Waynesburg down the street is down to one loadout, but fortunately its the busiest one in the east at Bailey, which can load up to 9000 tons per hour and is actually fed by 3 seperate mines (Bailey, Enlow Fork, Harvey). Coal demand is pretty strong right now so it should still be relatively busy. Figure maybe 8 trains loading per day but that is a SWAG (keep in mind the normal train size is now 15000 tons). Weekends, especially Sundays will be much slower. There also is now a frac sand transload taking periodic (weekly?) unit trains at the old Emerald mine complex in Waynesburg.

You also will get maybe a couple per day loading at Loveridge side that may come up the east side of the river. Probably half or more of the CSX Bailey trains and associated empties will come up the east side from Grafton and come over the bridge with the balance running up the P&LE side.

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Date: 09/23/22 10:37
Re: West Brownsville info request.
Author: retcsxcfm

If your are anywhere near La Grange,Ky.That is another location.

Uncle Joe

Date: 09/23/22 13:17
Re: West Brownsville info request.
Author: toledopatch

retcsxcfm Wrote:
> If your are anywhere near La Grange,Ky.That is
> another location.
Southwest Pennsylvania is not particularly close to Lagrange, Kentucky.

Date: 09/23/22 16:01
Re: West Brownsville info request.
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Congratulations, Mr. Patch. You have won the Trainorders "Politest Post of the Day" award! ;-p

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