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Eastern Railroad Discussion > What are the odds?

Date: 11/18/22 18:56
What are the odds?
Author: srman

I started train photography in the early eighties. I can literally count on one finger how many times that I've shot a GP7 leading a train on a mainline freight. That was March 31,1987 after a freak early spring snow storm had left its blanket on the Louisville Ky. area. A northbound CSX train was in east Louisville heading for Cincinnati with GP7 2302 up front. That was an unusual catch this late in the game. Fast forward thirty-five and a half years later on October 29th I'm in Nashville Tennessee. The Tennessee Central is about to run its autumn leaf special east with L&N GP7 405 on one end and a F7A on the other end. Posted earlier. Now it didn't occur to me until later that L&N 405 and SBD 2302 were one in the same. L&N 405 became SBD 2302 and then back to its original scheme and number. What are the odds?   

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Date: 11/18/22 19:06
Re: What are the odds?
Author: refarkas

First-class photos - Wonderful backstory.

Date: 11/18/22 19:20
Re: What are the odds?
Author: Notch7

Great pictures of a great engine.  I often watch the YouTube video of the 405's Gyralight at night.  The gray FL and SBD schemes look good in the snow.  I kinda understand "what are the odds".  The first set of engines I ever ran contained the SCL 610 - a SDP35.  Recently on here, pics of  a L&N SDP35 were posted, mentioning it was ex-SAL.  I thought -"can't be the same engine".  It was the same engine.

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Date: 11/19/22 03:43
Re: What are the odds?
Author: jmbreitigan

405 looks beautiful in its L&N livery.

Date: 11/19/22 08:36
Re: What are the odds?
Author: cabsignaldrop

Great pictures!

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Date: 11/19/22 18:59
Re: What are the odds?
Author: RetiredHogger

Nice pics. As someone that ran GP7s, I do have to confess the first thing that came to my mind was, "I wonder how the heater was in that thing?"

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