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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Next week I'll just be another Sunday Foamer

Date: 11/27/22 19:40
Next week I'll just be another Sunday Foamer
Author: tq-07fan

I like working Sundays. In general it's easier, I've worked so much of my life not being home on Sundays I'd rather be at work and it's easier. For almost four years I've made it a point to go out for a little railfanning on Sundays, just because I tend to piss them away if I am not working. Since Leap Day 2020 though I haven't had a regular Sunday off by choice. This upcoming Winter Pick there are several rail related events that had been cancelled for the past two years that require being off on a Sunday. We are so short on people, like everywhere else requesting a day off is usually a waste of time so I picked the dreaded Sunday / Saturday Off Days, basically everybody else's weekend. So for the last two years, even if I got a Sunday off through Run Trade it was fun and sometimes a challenge to railfan after work on Sunday. Most Sundays I simply kept on my bus driver uniform, some crews even recognize me by now. Next week, I'll just be in street clothes, I'll just be another Sunday Foamer. 

For those who could care less about the story part picture is CSX I141 at Millsdale and Woodbine on the near or Cincinnati side of the crossing or Mills Rd on the far side or (City of) Wyoming side of the crossing. Taken about a half hour after getting off work.

Thank you for looking!


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