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Date: 01/27/23 05:37
NS trains that change crews in downtown Toledo
Author: Gerrypaul

I'm trying to update my thinking about what NS trains (new symbols too) are currently swapping crews near the AmTrak station in Toledo. I am also interested in scheduled timeframes for each. 
I think I know that the #258 & #259 intermodals running between Harrisburg and Voltz Yard in KC are daily through here. I think the eastbound #258 may be expected at Toledo  about  6am-10am  (seem right?) and the westbound #259 about 7am-10am (?). 

I am asking anyone to please fill in the others. I know there are several in each direction. 
I may be wrong on this, but I have an overall impression that NS's new symbols are only that; that the trains themselves run on very similar scheduled times and even resemble how they appeared before. 

To note the two I've mentioned, they were the #20T and #21T. The times to expect them in Toledo are really basically the same and they look the same as before. 

Thank you for whatever help anyone can provide! 


Date: 01/27/23 12:20
Re: NS trains that change crews in downtown Toledo
Author: bath_wildcat

Almost any train you see in Toledo, Ohio will change crews there, including the unit commodity trains, unless it's a long pool crew.

Symbol wise I cannot be of help as the new Intermodal symbols even confuse me as it is, and I grew up on this line, as well.as spent many an hours up here.

Michael Fair
Royal Oak, MI

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