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Eastern Railroad Discussion > The Edge of Night - Charlotte NC

Date: 03/20/23 10:03
The Edge of Night - Charlotte NC
Author: Notch7

NS E27 - the Camp Greene road switcher stands at the signal bridge of control point "Uptown" in Charlotte NC in March 2022.  With a rain storm and impending night above and the last rays of sunlight far ahead, the scene is reminiscent of the opening of a popular old CBS soap opera - "The Edge of Night".  The green lights reflected on the wet long hood of the GP60 are Charlotte skyscrapers lit up in green for St. Patrick's Day week.  The conductor is walking up from the rear, and soon the Camp Greene train will pull off the mainline to work the old Merita flour mill in Charlotte's historic Fourth Ward.  The conversion to night will be done well before the flour mill work is finished.

Date: 03/20/23 17:55
Re: The Edge of Night - Charlotte NC
Author: ns2557

Nice shot . Thanks for sharing.  Ben

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