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Date: 05/22/23 17:10
First Run in New Paint
Author: RDG630

Pennsylvania Northeastern ex-CP SD #40-2 #5577 made its first run up the former Reading Company Bethlehem Branch to Telford this afternoon in new paint.
First image Schwabb Road Hatfield
Second Reliance Road Souderton
 Third former Reading Telford Station

Date: 05/22/23 18:11
Re: First Run in New Paint
Author: Tominde

Thanks for sharing.  I prefer this scheme with fewer stripes.  I kept thinking I had to adjust the monitor with the other scheme.

Date: 05/22/23 20:04
Re: First Run in New Paint
Author: Gonut1

What Tominde said, the reduced striping is better but even maybe a little more reduction next time around? Those original stripes really hurt my eyes on T.O. and in person. It is hard to understand the thinking behind the overwhelming stripes. Forget the "Tiger Lady" moniker, We don't need a contrived name for our lost Reading through "contrived" paint only "catchy" paint schemes. Good God, I miss the Reading! Paint them basic Pullman green, with yellow lettering, I can live with it. Really!
All that said, Thank you for shooting what 'they" have decided to do this time around. I don't need to like it but at least they are attempting to create some sort of image.
What really hits home, I lived a few hundred feet from the now dead siding into the A.D.Moyer and Sons feed mill in your second photo. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the New Jersey concrete barriers on the track into the mill a few years ago. 
So many memories of the Reading in my own backyard!

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Date: 05/23/23 09:50
Re: First Run in New Paint
Author: cjvrr

Looks good.  Very visible at railroad crossings too.

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