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Date: 05/31/23 17:16
NS Middle Division Today
Author: birdman

Mw wife and I raifanned on the NS Middle Division today concentrating on the area betweern Tyrone, PA and Altoona, PA.  
1. Train 593 - westbound coal empties at Tyrone.
2. An eastbound local freight at Tyrone.
3. A westbound manifest with 9 locomotives in Altoona.  Didn't catch the symbol.

Date: 05/31/23 17:18
Re: NS Middle Division Today
Author: birdman

4. Helpers on the rear of coal train 594 at Altoona.
5. Amtrak starts up the hill at the old C.P. Slope after making a station stop at Altoona.

Date: 05/31/23 19:21
Re: NS Middle Division Today
Author: Gonut1

Looks pretty healthy for a Pennsylvanian assuming all 7 cars are in service. During Covid it was only 5 cars. I haven't been out that way for over 20 years excepting a couple hours at the Curve maybe 7 years ago. It was just before the prior clearing of trees, which I understand that has recently ocurred again.

Date: 05/31/23 22:21
Re: NS Middle Division Today
Author: SNY1337

Nice pictures,thanks for sharing. It's interesting that NS never rebuilt the pocket track built for helpers to the right in picture #5 between those 2 signals. It was taken out by the big auto rack derailment back in 2014 I believe. The newly built CP Altoona wasn't that old at the time.

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Date: 06/01/23 13:18
Re: NS Middle Division Today
Author: NiagaraMike

Nice shots-Tyrone is one of my favorite spots!

Date: 06/01/23 14:28
Re: NS Middle Division Today
Author: dschlegel

It’s great to see you getting out and about Dick, and great photos too!


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