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Date: 09/03/03 09:37
New WLE Power
Author: Oakway


The other day I heard an eastbound out of Spencer with "WLE 4000". No questioning the number. Anyone know what this unit is? Possibly the CN SD40 5920 renumbered?

Anyone know about when or if Ex-DRGW 5391 will see service?

Wishing to see the GP9rs in WLE paint...

Date: 09/03/03 10:18
Re: New WLE Power
Author: NSDash9

Yes, the 5920 has been renumbered as WE 4000.

The Brewster Locomotive Shop is currently finishing repair work on former Union Pacific GP40 652. It has been renumbered to WE 300, but retains it's UP yellow and gray.

The 5391 will be repaired next. The repairs to it were held up while they obtained parts for the PTC (Positive Traction Control) system that unit is equipped with.

Don't expect to see any of these recently acquired units repainted into the W&LE paint scheme.

CHris Toth

Date: 09/03/03 13:06
Re: New WLE Power
Author: RobR


Will they be repainted at all? For example, will the 300 come out with a brilliant new UP paint scheme? The W&LE seems not to be shy about custom paint jobs!


Date: 09/03/03 13:21
Re: New WLE Power
Author: NSDash9

No, it won't be repainted. Only given WE letters on the existing UP yellow and gray. The only reason they repainted as many units as they did (GP35 and SD40-3 rebuilds) was because it was required by the leasing company that actually owns them as part of the rebuild contract. Since those rebuilds have stopped, so has the repainting.

Chris Toth

Date: 09/03/03 14:57
Re: New WLE Power
Author: KevinD

Has the rebuild program stopped because it was complete, or was it put on hold with it still incomplete?

Date: 09/03/03 19:03
Re: New WLE Power
Author: NSDash9

CIT Financial owns the 14 W&LE SD40-3 and 25 GP35 locomotives. The W&LE leased the units long term from CIT. Once rebuilt, they paid a higher lease fee than on the non-rebuilt units.

It was CIT Financial the was paying for the rebuild program on these units. All 14 SD40-3's and 7 GP35's were completed before CIT decided to stop the rebuilding of the remaining GP35's. CIT cited the high cost of rebuilding the GP35's in a market that was already overloaded with lease power. (Note: six of the other GP35's had already been rebuilt in an earlier rebuild program when the W&LE still owned the units, but these units were not repainted at that time. Two of those (101, 200) have since been repainted.)

With the acquisition of the SD40-2's, GP40's, SD40T-2's and the recent GT SD40 and GP9R units, the days are numbered for the non-rebuilt GP35's.

Chris Toth

Date: 09/13/03 19:03
Re: New WLE Power
Author: cvdieselnut

What GP-9R's arrived? Do you know where they are now? Would anyone be willing to take me a slide of them? I am especially interested in 4602, with was ne CV 4547, and 4600 which is ex-CV 4443, ne Grand Trunk (new England Lines) 4443.

Thanks, Alan Irwin

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