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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Seminole Gulf update and info request

Date: 02/09/04 10:37
Seminole Gulf update and info request
Author: Anonymous User

While passing through Arcadia, FL Friday, I noticed a lot of RJ Corman equipment doing some trackwork, re-ballasting, etc. at the CSX - Seminole Gulf interchange yard. Does anyone know if this work was ordered by CSX or Seminole Gulf? I could not tell by the location of the equipment precisely whose track it was as it was located just on the north end of the yard north of the SR 70 crossing. I am curious to know if Seminole Gulf ordered this work, if they would then continue south down the "main" line to Punta Gorda and Fort Myers and do some work on that dreadful looking track and roadbed.


Date: 02/09/04 11:52
Re: Seminole Gulf update and info request
Author: mderrick

This was discussed in about the last month, if you are a premium member and can search the archives. If not, the Cliffs Notes version is that SGLR is having maintenance done from at least Arcadia to Ft. Myers, IIRC, and possibly south. There have been numerous derailments on the line in the last year, and it is in bad need of attention, as you refer to by your observation of track conditions. Don't believe CSX gave the nudge, but with the amount of derailments and resulting publicity in the media, it's possible the state or other government agency did. Don't know if any gov't funds are going toward the rehabilitation, but wouldn't be surprised if a grant or loan was given.

This trackwork will also affect operations, making the daylight M-W-F DeSoto turn to Arcadia a nocturnal run.

Mike Derrick

Date: 02/09/04 19:10
Re: Seminole Gulf update and info request
Author: CR6444

I have been in Bonita Springs numerous times, My wife has her family living there, we go by their tracks all the time.. It, really needs some serious trackwork done. I can see the whole mainline from Bonita Springs to Naples looking like pretzels, even tho the traffic is still very active. The ties are really dried up rotten, baked and break easily like cookies. Also it seriously needs a lot of ballast with tampering. and looks like it has never been changed thru the Seaboard System/CSXT years before Seminole acquired it. I was hoping that they will continue to do maintenance all the way to the end of the line at Naples.

Bonita Springs and Naples are really booming right now. It's twice as big as Jackonsville right now. but I do wish Seminole Gulf start doing piggyback service to clear off trucks off the highways..


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