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Date: 03/10/04 12:40
Stryker, Ohio question
Author: SloRide

I will be camping in my truck tonight in Stryker, Ohio, waiting to pick up a load tomorrow (on Railroad Ave.!!) What kind of traffic does this line get? Do you know of anyplace close to the rail line where I could park a tractor trailer?

Thanx much!


Date: 03/10/04 14:03
Re: Stryker, Ohio question
Author: toledopatch

This is the Norfolk Southern, ex-CR/NYC main line between Cleveland/Toledo and Elkhart/Chicago. It is busy, busy, busy. There is a gravel lot across the tracks from the police station, which is housed in the former depot, where you might (and I emphasize MIGHT) be able to park, as long as your idling engine doesn't annoy the neighbors.

Of course, I'm not sure I'm completely thrilled with the idea of a semi driver watching trains when he should be sleeping. ;-)

Date: 03/10/04 14:18
Re: Stryker, Ohio question
Author: SloRide

And thanks again!


Date: 03/10/04 16:29
Re: Stryker, Ohio question
Author: eastwayne

You're not going to Derby Cone are you?

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