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Date: 08/05/04 09:57
CryoTrans Reefer ?
Author: cpvo

Does anyone know of a site for the CryoTrans reefer fleet? They have reporting marks of CRYX10XX and CRYX11XX plus the newer 70 footers with SOO288XXX. They all have names on the sliding doors of various spots across the USA. I looked at their site but nothing that matches the road numbers to the names on the car. Can anyone help? Mike Cole

Date: 08/05/04 10:06
Re: CryoTrans Reefer ?
Author: Robbman


Joe might update it one day ;)

Date: 08/05/04 11:01
Re: CryoTrans Reefer ?
Author: kevink

Date: 08/05/04 11:17
Re: CryoTrans Reefer ?
Author: joeshaw

An older issue (mid-90s?) of Railmodel Journal contains a D. Scott Chatfield article on the Cryogeneric reefers that lists the names/numbers of the original 1000 series cars. Check the Model Train Magazine Index at the kalmbach website to track that down.

In recent years, Cryo Trans has been rebuilding many of their Cryo cars into normal mechanically refridgerated cars, and numbering them into the 3000 series. The SOO cars are also rebuilt cars, but are leased by CP from Cryo-Trans. I know of no comprehensive list of names for the rebuilt cars. I thought I remembered seeing messages on one of the freight cars lists from someone(s) working on a list, but I cannot find those messages right now.

And yes, I have more photos of the rebuilt cars I haven't placed on the webiste yet, so if someone out there is working on a list, let me know, and maybe I can help fill in some blanks.

Joe Shaw
Blacksburg, VA

Date: 08/05/04 17:33
Re: CryoTrans Reefer ?
Author: rrnut_99

I've got a complete list for all of the cars in the 1000, 1400, 2000 series. I've got quite a few of the new 3000's as well.

Email me if you're interested in trading names/numbers around.



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