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Eastern Railroad Discussion > NS B-Line....Aerial View of "CODY"

Date: 10/18/04 17:17
NS B-Line....Aerial View of "CODY"
Author: cinder

This aerial view looks down on "CODY", the east end of a long passing siding on NS's B-Line just east of Front Royal, VA. "WOODS" denotes the west end of this "double track" with spring switches at each end.

Date: 10/18/04 17:19
Re: NS B-Line....Aerial View of "CODY"
Author: mully

Great shot!
Ever get a chance to get any of Shenandoah Junction Cinder?


Date: 10/18/04 17:23
Shenandoah Jct. ...............A Place too Far
Author: cinder

SJ is a bit out of my range........but I'm trying to charter a flight out of Cumberland to do Sand Patch from on high.

Date: 10/18/04 17:33
Re: Shenandoah Jct. ...............A Place too Far
Author: DPutz

Coolness. A neat perspective not otherwise accessible to the average Joe (apologies if your name is Joe).

--Dan Putz
Photographer, SU Slate

Date: 10/18/04 17:41
Re: Shenandoah Jct. ...............A Place too Far
Author: mully


I know you have taken some around Riverton, do you have anything alittle south of there?
These are great I really enjoy them


Date: 10/18/04 17:55
Only Avtex in Front Royal
Author: cinder

That's it............

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