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Date: 05/16/07 12:15
70s auto rack loads help
Author: x6924w

I'm doing some Fresh Cherries auto rack loads on some open racks and open top racks. Does anyone know if loads such as the '78 Pacer would have been five vehicles per deck or six? Six per deck makes almost a bumper to bumper load but looks like it may have been feasible.
Thanks, Dave

Date: 05/16/07 18:10
Re: 70s auto rack loads help
Author: mamfahr

I believe six is correct. For what it's worth, after a bit of research, it appears that Pacers & Gremlins would have been loaded together in "mixed" loads, as it seems that both were built at AMC's Kenosha, WI plant. I checked the dimensions of the "prototype" cars and 6 of those model cars would have fit the typical autorack. I've been putting 6 on my HO racks and they look & run fine.

Take care,


Date: 05/16/07 18:31
Re: 70s auto rack loads help
Author: santafedan

They are selling them at Wal-Mart...Pacers that is.

Date: 05/16/07 23:18
Re: 70s auto rack loads help
Author: WP282

While I don't have pictures of AMC autos, there's pics of Ford Mustang II's coming from the Milpitas plant in the WP In Color book that show six to a deck. They are similar in size to the Gremlins and one would guess the auto companies would want to minimize their costs by shipping as many as they could on a car. Having worked at an auto plant for ten years and personally observed loading and unloading of autoracks, I can tell you they pack them as tight as they can get and then (hopefully) tie them down tight so they don't move.

WP Mike

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