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Date: 06/15/11 22:30
Microscale Press Release: New Adhesives & Primer
Author: MarkG

Got this in an e-mail from Microscale (I also have seen it posted in the Modern Freight Cars List Yahoo Group). Looks like they're rolling out an adhesive specifically designed to glue delrin and other "slippery" plastics.

Here is the press release in it's entirety (I have no affiliation with Microscale)

best regards,
Mark G.


Microscale Industries Press Announcement

June 15, 2011

For Immediate Release
Contact: Chris Palomarez
Product Manager
Microscale Industries
(714) 593-1422

Microscale Industries Delivers New Adhesives & Primer
Together Will Bond Slippery Plastics Such as Delrin etc.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA - June 15, 2011 - As Ready to Run models have proliferated through out the hobby markets, there has been a single frustration: no real method to reliably bonding dissimilar materials. Delrin/Slippery Engineering type plastics and photo etched metal parts are becoming more prevalent in manufacturer products. As the detail gets better, so does the fragility of the product. Since accidents do happen, and craftsmen will still want to build a kit themselves, these circumstances have left demand for a professional adhesive system. Microscale Industries introduces MicroBond and MicroPrep, thereby creating a seamless solution to satisfy many frustrated modelers.

Slippery Slope

"There is a real need and immediacy to gluing and painting to these slippery plastics." Said Chris Palomarez, Product Manager Microscale Industries, "MicroBond and MicroPrep are a unique solution that gives the modelers the advantage of being able to fix, or completely build anew with adhesives that will stand the test of time."

"Our models sometimes feature micro-parts made from Delrin, wire, and other materials where a proper bond is imperative. To date there hasn't been an aftermarket professional adhesive that could reliably bond these materials." Says Craig Martyn, Owner of BLMA Models "For kit-bashing and fixing models, MicroBond is an all-around solution; the perfect Delrin-compatible glue every modeler must have!"

"I don't know how many times I painted a delrin surface only for it to flake off in a few months!" Said Perry Lambert from theweatheringshop.com "I'm relieved there is a product (MicroPrep) that I can use to treat the slippery smooth surface of delrin to accept paint and glue!"

Microscale Industries has been serving the model building community for over 75 years. Manufacturer of finishing products and waterslide decals for Aircraft, Railroad, Pinewood Derby, Dollhouses and Military modelers. Microscale also produces metal signs based upon the artwork developed for their waterslide decals.

Date: 06/16/11 00:50
Re: Microscale Press Release: New Adhesives & Primer
Author: tracktime

Here's the photo for the new line. I'm looking forward to making these new tools part of my arsenal of tools!


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Date: 06/16/11 01:11
Re: Microscale Press Release: New Adhesives & Primer
Author: funnelfan

Both products sound like winners to me! Can't wait till I can get some.

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

Date: 06/16/11 16:17
Re: Microscale Press Release: New Adhesives & Primer
Author: rehunn

I hate to disagree with Chris but Loctite has had adhesives for dissimilar materials such
as Delrin for years. They're not commonly found in the hobby market and they're a bit more
expensive but they do work.

Date: 06/18/11 14:36
Re: Microscale Press Release: New Adhesives & Primer
Author: UPJeff

Dr Mikes glue will also glue Delrin to other materials. I have used it for a long time and really like it.

Jeff Smith
Lakewood, CA
RailMaster Hobbies

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