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Date: 10/24/11 01:13
Wholesale Trains i.e. Lantz's Hobby Shop
Author: bad92vet

For others who have shopped here I was wondering what your experience has been like? I've been doing business with them for a number of years, and until recently I've had nothing but praise for them, both with their prices and customer service. My last two orders they've simply shipped the wrong item. This last time I ordered six of the new BLMA TOFC flats only to have all but one go "sold out". Allegedly I was only going to receive one, well when my FEDEX dropped off the parcel there was no way it contained an HO 89' flat car. Although the accompanying bill of sale listed what I ordered instead I received a BLMA N scale reefer. Twice I contacted them about this and was assured I'd receive documentation allowing me to drop this off at FEDEX for return postage and eventually a refund. Since I'm writing this you can probably guess where I still stand. For now I'll have to dispute it with my CC. Very sad, I've always gotten really good deals from them, sorry to say I'm probably done. I saw a sign once in a repair shop in Fairbanks AK years ago; "It can take years to cultivate customer loyalty, it can take seconds to destroy it".

Date: 10/24/11 01:42
Re: Wholesale Trains i.e. Lantz's Hobby Shop
Author: ESPEE5318

Yep they have been discussed a few times on here, I had nothing but problems with them took months to sort out.



Date: 10/24/11 05:36
Re: Wholesale Trains i.e. Lantz's Hobby Shop
Author: RFandPFan

I have had no problems with Wholesale Trains. But I've found the trick is to call and make sure they have it in stock, their on-line inventory is a joke. However, I will say that whenever I called ahead and ensured it was in stock, they shipped it right away. I have also had very positive experiences with MB Klein's (Model Train Stuff), my only (very minor) criticism is their shipping times are inconsistent. I've ordered engines and they shipped in a day or two and then ordered others that took almost a week to ship. I'm guessing it depends on how busy they are. Their real-time inventory is a huge plus for me. I'm sick of ordering things that an on-line retailer says they have in stock only to be duped and receive a "back ordered" message.

Other on-line retailers I have used with good experiences are Trainworld, Mainline Hobby, First Hobby and Doc's Caboose. Another on-line store that has real time inventory is Train Track in Plant City, FL. Although his stock is smaller than some of the bigger guys, he always ships the next day if it is in stock and doesn't jack up the shipping costs.

Date: 10/24/11 13:17
Re: Wholesale Trains i.e. Lantz's Hobby Shop
Author: drolsen

I've ordered from Wholesale Trains three times, and while my orders have arrived complete and undamaged, in my opinion, they are attracting customers with seemingly very low prices but then adding on a handling fee to make some of that money back.

As an example, I ordered an Atlas GP40-2W from them a couple months ago for only $105. Seems like a great price, but they charged me $19.95 for "FedEx shipping and handling," even though the package was shipped by UPS from NY to VA at a cost of about $12, so they made about $8 back in "handling charges."

My most recent order was a Walthers passenger car discounted from (I think) $70 to $50, along with some Alclad paints for a total of about $75. They again charged me about $20 for shipping and handling, making about $8 back off the discounted price of the pasenger car. The order also took about 5-6 weeks to arrive (to the point where I'd almost forgotten about the order), presumably while they were waiting for the items to arrive from a distributor. At least they didn't charge my credit card, but it would be nice to have some kind of update explaining why the order was taking so long.

In my opinion, that's kind of an underhanded way of advertising low prices but sticking customers with excessive handling fees. I'm going to order from other places in the future unless Wholesale offers a really low sale price on something that will offset the handling fee.


Date: 10/24/11 21:53
Re: Wholesale Trains i.e. Lantz's Hobby Shop
Author: RailThunder

I've had good experiences with them also. Like others I've called to make sure things are in stock beforehand. I ordered the MTH Powhattan Arrow after the cut off date and wasn't sure I would be able to get it, but pre-ordered from them anyhow. I was pleased with the service they provided and I have got some good deals here and there from them.

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