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Date: 04/22/12 23:00
Westwood Passenger car kit
Author: steamdiesel

Anyone have any suggestions on how to build these cars? Any list of the cars that were made or when they were originally available in HO scale?

Date: 04/23/12 06:36
Re: Westwood Passenger car kit
Author: rswebber

Depends on which kit you have and the media. Some of the later kits had evergreen plastic rather than the wood construction.

Again (assuming wood), depending on the kit, I would either substitute plastic for wood, or take a MDC "Palace Car" and remove everything from the roof down and the ends in. Then replace wood with evergreen. The Westwood winds and doors are treasures.

I don't have the full listing by any means, but I have these:
Westwood 101 Sunset Ltd Combine SP
Westwood 102 Sunset Ltd Parlor SP
Westwood 103 L 2125 P 1158 Sunset Ltd Sleeper SP
Westwood 106 PB L 69 P 1963C 12-1 Sleeper PRR / Pullman
Westwood 107 PA Ltd Diner PRR
Westwood 108 L 2283 P 1299A PA Ltd Observation PRR
Westwood 108 L 2122 P 1155A PA LTD Composite
Westwood 202 Baggage B&O
Westwood 204 Coach B&O

I know they also made the Sierra cars and a set of Promontory cars. I am fairly sure they made more, I know the B&O train was a complete set (just like the PRR & SP trains).

Date: 04/23/12 17:15
Re: Westwood Passenger car kit
Author: steamdiesel

Thanks, for the info. It is hard to find much info about Westwood.

Date: 04/24/12 07:43
Re: Westwood Passenger car kit
Author: rswebber

If interested, I can look through the kits and see if there is an indication of the other kits available.

I have been trying to nail down all of the prototypes (where one existed) for Lambert - then try to figure out exactly which ones were actually brought out.

Date: 04/24/12 08:49
Re: Westwood Passenger car kit
Author: Lighter

rswebber Wrote:
> I am fairly sure they made more,

I have the set of Sumpter Valley passenger and front end cars.

Date: 04/24/12 11:58
Re: Westwood Passenger car kit
Author: rswebber

The Royal Blue included kits
201 RPO
202 Baggage
203 Baggage-Parlor
204 Coach

The other cars (in the Elegant Limiteds series):
101 Double Vestibule Combine
102 Parlor/Drawing Room
103 Sleeper 10 Section / 2 Drawing Room
104 Diner
105 Combine
106 Sleeper / 12 Section / Drawing Room
107 Diner
108 Observation

Other cars / sets included the Promontory cars.

I would be remiss if I didn't make the following observations:
These were some of the finest designed kits. Westwood also sold other parts to make more cars - a Solarium end, varying Observations ends, various windows and door parts, etc. Since the cars were of a modular construction, it was relatively easy to modify the cars to whatever configuration you wanted (within the obvious constraints). The obvious shortcoming was the vacuum formed roofs (built in sections) which is why I indicated the use of a MDC core.

The patterns for the windows, doors, and other detail parts were exquisite, and sorely missed today. Pullman's basic manufacturing technique was modular as well, and if someone with more money than (fiscal) brains were to create a line of parts and kits similar to the Westwood kits (which were for wood bodied cars) for classic HW cars, it would be a fantastic boon. Just a core for the 2xxx Plan cars would be especially welcome.

Basically, the same concept was used by New England Rail Service with their kits for modifying the Rivarossi "Pullman" into all sorts of configurations. The issue there was that the modeler had to saw/remove the side pieces to insert window and pillar sections. The Westwood model basically takes the side and you slide the windows and pillars onto a lower body.

Date: 04/24/12 19:58
Re: Westwood Passenger car kit
Author: steamdiesel

I am trying to find the Sp Sunset Limited cars. We have 102, the parlor car. I got it on ebay. If you know of any of the SP kits for sale I would be interested. I also have several of the MDC palace car bodies that I could modify for the westwood parts.

Date: 04/25/12 16:30
Re: Westwood Passenger car kit
Author: rswebber

I have found a few on eBay, but I have found far more at the Timonium railroad show. Not sure why the mid-Atlantic coast seems to have a lot of these kits floating around, but I can usually find at least one when I do go. Prices can be all over the board too.

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