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Model Railroading > 7.5 Inch gauge rail

Date: 06/06/12 20:37
7.5 Inch gauge rail
Author: 6ET

Hello, just getting into the hobby with a friend doing some 2.5" scale trains. We are looking for a lead on decently priced used rail. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Date: 06/06/12 20:52
Re: 7.5 Inch gauge rail
Author: steamdiesel

Check some of the live steam clubs websites, members get to list for free.

Date: 06/07/12 09:08
Re: 7.5 Inch gauge rail
Author: tomstp

On the web, check Live Steam For Sale.

Date: 06/07/12 09:21
Re: 7.5 Inch gauge rail
Author: Inthehole

www.discoverlivesteam.com. Their for sale section is one of the best.

Matt Mason
The Home Railway Journal

Date: 06/07/12 10:44
Re: 7.5 Inch gauge rail
Author: GCRY_4960

discover live steam has had some rail recently, however, seems were always too late to get it. The end goal is to put a circle of track around my house. (Yes my neighbors will love that, but they all think I'm crazy for building trains in my garage anyways)I would love to use rail, but may end up using flat bar. My dad had some old mine rail (80 ft of I believe #12) that Josh (6ET) and I decided to setup in my front yard a few weeks ago to test run the speeder I recently rebuilt. Now that it runs time to do the wood work on it. My dad built the speeder back in the late 80s. I rebuilt it along with the riding car. I have the casting kit for the D&RGW #50 and frames built for 3 cars.

Photo 1: The Speeder

Photo 2: Josh running the speeder and Dedra with our dog Belle

Photo #3: My dad running the speeder while Dedra and I take our dogs Belle and Mikado for a ride

More photos of the progress of everything are posted here: http://www.pbase.com/pnwr1853/live_steam
I will be posting more photos later tonight up there.

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