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Date: 07/20/12 16:20
Raspberry Pi & model railroading
Author: Castle_Romeo

I was wondering if anyone here has tried adapting the Raspberry Pi microcomputer to model railroading functions. A Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized linux computer with a GPIO (General Purpose Input-Output) socket which can be used to control a multitude of devices. There are other competing boards available such as the Arduino & the beagleboard.

I was thinking you can use one to automate the signalling/switches on a layout or create a custom DIY command control system.

Date: 07/20/12 18:03
Re: Raspberry Pi & model railroading
Author: WP282

There's been an ongoing discussion on the Yahoo NCE group about these. Quite a few people on that board are playing around with them to test their capabilities.


Date: 07/20/12 20:08
Re: Raspberry Pi & model railroading
Author: barrydraper

To get the latest information I'd go join the jmriusers Yahoo group. You will need JMRI as an interface to your layout anyway, and there are a lot of others that are working on getting this working with the Pi.

Barry Draper

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