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Model Railroading > The Shattock's take a Ride !!

Date: 11/23/12 21:16
The Shattock's take a Ride !!
Author: KeyRouteKen

One of my favorite photos from my collection...
Redwood Regional Park--Oakland, CA-- circa 1950. Golden Gate Live Steamers track.

Club Founder Vic Shattock and his grandson 'Kenny' (a young 'KRK') with Vic's scratchbuilt
0-4-2 "Shattock" tank engine. The side tank was the water supply. The rear tank contained denatured alcohol. This engine was 3/4-inch scale-- 3 1/2-inch gauge.
Although small, this engine could easily pull heavy loads.

I miss my grandfather dearly.. He was my "Dad" for the first 14 years of my life.
I need to sit down and put all my stuff in a BOOK before I have another serious illness and have it lost to the ages.

Every night after dinner and my school work was done, I was his constant companion in that magical basement in Oakland. I can't ever forget it. The memories are still so vivid!


The late GGLS member Harry Dixon made an exaxt duplicate of the "Shattock" tank engine and named it the "Dixie Dee" ..

Date: 11/23/12 21:48
Re: The Shattock's take a Ride !!
Author: atsf98

I always enjoy it when you share sir, Thank You

Date: 11/23/12 22:00
Re: The Shattock's take a Ride !!
Author: a737flyer

Get the book done, Ken, it will be good. Congrats on your ongoing recovery.

Date: 11/23/12 23:12
Re: The Shattock's take a Ride !!
Author: coach

That first photo is just wonderful--so human and real. It always amazes at how well people dressed back then--these days, what your grandfather was wearing would be considered "dressing up", whereas back then, it was "normal."

It also amazes me that anyone can build a working steam engine that small, from scratch, and it glides along effortlessly. I've seen engines like this scale up close, and it fascinates me due to the difficulty of making it all work.

The detail photos only serve to amaze me even more. Was your grandfather a machinist??


Date: 11/24/12 06:56
Re: The Shattock's take a Ride !!
Author: KeyRouteKen

My grandfather was a self-made machinist by hobby not profession. He was a Tinsmith/Plumber by profession. He told me that he READ everything he could find on the subject. This meant things like soldering, brazing, welding, machining, tool and die making, foundry work, et al. I am NOT kidding! He never attended any classes on this stuff. He was self-taught. Yet the many pictures I have posted show "jewelry on wheels" and "works of art". I seriously doubt that any other hobbyist has been able to do this.
That's why so many have referred to him as the "Dean of Live Steam".

I used to watch him take "a piece of nothing" and machine it to .0001 tolerance.
He would take it out of the lathe and if he didn't like it just so, would continue to finish it in "his hands" with a small FILE. Try doing THAT !! He was amazing!

When he built the basement railroad in Oakland, times were tough. Money was not available. He wasn't getting paid much per hour by the SP. Yet he built a railroad empire from scratch using raw materials, whatever he could find.
Kraft cheese boxes, made of wood, provided wood for buildings, car bodies and crossties (hundreds of them). Carbon Tetrachloride fire extinguisher bottles helped make tank cars.
Large gauge solid wire provided rails--later replaced by SP common standard 110-lb brass rail specially produced for him by his good friend Rollin J. Lobaugh of O-scale fame.
The list goes on and on.
A MOW Speeder was built from a wind-up clock mechanism. It resided in a little motor car house with a # 5 over the doors. "KRK" broke it in my youth--HE was not happy!!
My late sister Patty, as a little girl, threw a switch in front of a moving train. It crashed into the rear of a caboose on the adjoining track. "Grandpa" was definitely not happy with THAT action ! In an old magazine writeup it states: "Her grandfather gave Patricia some instructions for further guidance" ... (I'll bet!!) He,He!!

Anyway, hope this answers a few questions.

Ken Shattock (KRK)

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Date: 11/24/12 09:32
Re: The Shattock's take a Ride !!
Author: vcrail

Put me down for a book, do you need a deposit?
Also a retired Tinner.

Date: 11/25/12 19:00
Re: The Shattock's take a Ride !!
Author: upkpfan

That first pic. is great. Enjoy reading about "grandpa" and your stories. Hope you keep up having a speedy recovery. upkpfan

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