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Date: 03/01/13 13:38
Wire Glue
Author: DKay

A friend down here in Australia sent this to me over night.His buds tell him it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Thought y'all might find it interesting ,regards,DK

Date: 03/01/13 14:41
Re: Wire Glue
Author: superchief73

Away from trains, I can use this to bond my defrost tabs on the rear view window of my SUV. As for us dudes who love to tinker with Steam Engines and DCC, may be used on chuff cams....

Date: 03/01/13 15:01
Re: Wire Glue
Author: Kemacprr

Great for attaching resistors to wheelsets for signals. If it dries out simply add some distilled water stir and it's good to go again. ----------- Ken McCorry

Date: 03/01/13 15:54
Re: Wire Glue
Author: wabash2800

An epoxy?

Date: 03/01/13 16:31
Re: Wire Glue
Author: icancmp193

I could use this to fix my key fob for the wife's car....has an intermittent connection on the battery. I am a very baaaad solderer!

Tom Y

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Date: 03/01/13 17:09
Re: Wire Glue
Author: Kemacprr

wabash2800 Wrote:
> An epoxy?

No not an epoxy. It's graphite in a water based carrier. It does a great job of attaching resistors to wheelbacks and axles. Does not have the time sensitive problems of epoxy. -------- Ken

Date: 03/01/13 19:55
Re: Wire Glue
Author: chitownjeff

Cool I can buy this very item in Chicago at the American Science Center for $4.95, thanks for the heads up

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