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Date: 05/20/13 13:24
Letter Font help please
Author: Jimmies

Would anyone know what font the ABOX letters and car numbers are on this car? I'd like to get an alphabet decal set in the same font.

Thanks for any help.


Date: 05/20/13 13:33
Re: Letter Font help please
Author: twin_star_rocket

Just a reminder that most railroad lettering is not a "font"; they are usually cut from stencils based on draftsman drawings. "Fonts" are a computer thing. Even the old "Santa Fe" fond wasn't identical to Cooper Black; just close to the untrained eye.

Brian Ehni

Date: 05/20/13 13:36
Re: Letter Font help please
Author: tmurray

Looks an awful lot like: Swiss 721 WGL4 Regular

Date: 05/20/13 13:48
Re: Letter Font help please
Author: P5r24

Check this place out.


They have them in a set I believe,


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Date: 05/20/13 15:20
Re: Letter Font help please
Author: rbx551985

Remember also that this is TTX style lettering, if that makes any sense of purpose. I'm not sure that statement helps, even to me to a "font" style degree question's answer, but here's what I mean: if you look closely, you will notice that the "R" in the stylized RAILBOX logo (the big one, with it's outlined form on top of the car's yellow paint as well as the smaller BLACK one jsut above it at the top left-hand end of the car) is actually the RIGHT-HAND SIDE of the "T" in the TTX logo. Perhaps that's a good enough place to start....?


"RAILBOX" logo:


Some INFORMATIONAL text from modelers website:

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Date: 05/21/13 11:36
Re: Letter Font help please
Author: neilgross

Just from eyeballing the letters and numbers on the reporting marks, they seem pretty close to Microscale's "Gothic" alphabet set. Most of the MS site seems to be blocked at my workplace, so I can't view a picture to say for sure.

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