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Date: 11/17/00 15:52
Longs Drug Store, Moreno Valley, Ca
Author: RickH

Seems the last few times I tried to bring up Longs Drug Store, Moreno Valley, California. The Hobby/Train Department I get a "Bad Order" as in "Bad Address". Is anyone else running into the same problem?

When I tried to E-mail them thru the Longs Drug Store, Home Page the E-mail came right back with a statement that the address failed.

So, Tim, Lynn, Terry if you are somehow on line give us a clue.

Big Bear City, CA
AKA Barstow RickH

Date: 11/17/00 16:17
RE: Longs Drug Store, Moreno Valley, Ca
Author: tehachapifan

I think you're looking for "Longs Model Rairoad Supply" and not the drug store(?). Try www.Longs-Trains.com (as I saw listed in MR). Phone there is 1-800-888-3557.


Date: 11/17/00 16:52
RE: Uhhh
Author: ncng9

Isn't Longs Model Railroad Supply just a Longs Drugs with a bunch of trains that are sold in a certain section of it?


Date: 11/17/00 17:09
It Is??? Wish We Had One!!!
Author: tehachapifan

Really? A Longs Drugs with a train dept? Something for the whole family! Great idea! I'm assuming this is unique to this one store(?)

Anyway, the address I posted above does not seem to work either...sorry.


p.s. I thought the similar appearing "Longs" logo I've seen advertised all this time was just a coincidence.

Date: 11/17/00 17:56
RE: Longs Drug Store, Moreno Valley, Ca
Author: webmaster

My guess is Longs is changing ISP's right now. I looked up their domain name and I cannot get a DNS record for them, though their old ISP stills lists them.


Date: 11/17/00 19:12
RE: Longs Drug Store, Moreno Valley, Ca
Author: shortlineer

I was at this store in Moreno Valley last month. It is certainly something to see. After seeing their ads in MR for years I just had to see it for myself. It is a bonafide Longs Drug Store. Looks just like all the others out there. But, tucked away in the back righthand corner of the store is a pretty substantial model railroad department. I was amazed at the depth of their selection and discounts! They had tons o' detail parts, and great prices on older stuff that didn't sell. The really weird thing is that if you go too far to the left you end up in the tampons and depends aisle and if you go too far to the right you end up in the beer and wine aisle. You have to see it to believe it. BTW: I don't know anything about their website problems but one of the clerks told me that the manager who had started the section had recently retired and had opened his own trainstore (TrainQuest) just down the street. Unfortunately I didn't have time to go looking for that store. Anyway, since the guy left Longs has cut back on their advertising budget but they don't plan to cut back on the trains. And, they have two full time staff members just to take orders via phone, fax. The clerk said that they had tons of orders from overseas. Finally, the clerk I spoke to wasn't really into model railroading per se but he really liked the section and knew his stuff. "Would you like a bag of Cheetos to go with your Kato SD40-2?

Date: 11/17/00 20:11
RE: Longs Drug Store, Moreno Valley, Ca
Author: chilli

Believe the December MODEL RAILROADER has an ad in it for that new
store down from Long's Drugs.....seem to recall the logo was quite similiar.....

Date: 11/17/00 20:37
RE: Longs Drug Store, Moreno Valley, Ca
Author: DAK507

Hi Everyone,
I do believe This Long's Drug Store is one of a kind, with a model railroad store built right in. I have stopped by many times on my railfanning trips to San Berdo/Cajon Pass. I lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico back then and it was great to visit Long's Drug Store. Spent over a $1000 in first 3 visits. Store folks were great help. Recommend a visit soon........... Duane Koss/Blue Springs,MO./Member of The Lincoln Area Model Railroad Club

Date: 11/18/00 01:22
RE: Longs Drug Store, Moreno Valley, Ca
Author: bnsftim

I still have the Longs catalog on file. As far as I'm concerned they have A++++++ service. One of the cars they shipped to me had a broken stir-up step and they replaced it free of charge. A+A+A+.

Date: 11/18/00 12:37
RE: Longs Drug Store, Moreno Valley, Ca
Author: espee2

You're right about the great service! I had a broken in box model (structure) and sent it back without paying postage (refund on my visa) also they realy know their stuff. Thanks to that retired gentleman for his obvious love of trains and knowledge of what keeps customers happy!


<a href="http://tunnel13.com&quot;&gt;www.tunnel13.com&lt;/a&gt;


<a href="http://tunnel13.com/newberg.html&quot;&gt;SP's Newberg Branch in N scale</a>

Date: 11/19/00 11:18
RE: Longs Drug Store, Moreno Valley, Ca
Author: lynnpowell

Long's Drug Stores allows a manager to have a specialty aisle of his own choosing. Obviously, this manager liked model trains. Other manages have extensive fishing, auto, skiing, etc. aisles.

Date: 11/19/00 19:34
RE: Longs Drug Store, Moreno Valley, Ca
Author: wheel

When down in Calif. I always go to Longs Train Dept..
Jim the manger who started it 10 years ago has left, but the service is always great..lots of stuff, great service, nice people..
Nice area "Morreno Valley"

Date: 11/20/00 09:40
RE:Longs, Moreno Valley , Ca., Train Dept.
Author: RickH

Yes guys and gals, there really is a Santa Claus. Ok, So we all know better.

Seriously, the Longs Drug Store in Moreno Valley, CA., does have a Model Railroad/Hobby Department. Yes, Jim really did start this whole program. AND, yes Jim is back in business, he has opened his own hobby shop on the West end of town. Now two great hobby locations to shop at. You are on your own to find his address.

I will be going by Longs Drug Store sometime this week. I hope to see Lynn, Tim or Terry and advise them of their computer blackout. Grin. I believe Todd, our webmaster is correct. They are probably revamping their whole program and will establish a new E-mail address. Hopefully before the Christmas rush hits them hard.

Barstow RickH
Rick Howland
Big Bear City, Ca

Date: 11/20/00 18:10
Longs / Train Quest
Author: Bluejay

Went by both this weekend. Longs is still the king but just west on Allessandro Train Quest is catching up. It is just getting started but a very good start it is. Pricing at Train Quest is lower but selection at Longs is better. I will be back in the region in January and hope to find Train Quest improving. The hunt for the cash register is exciting.


Date: 11/22/00 16:25
Author: BigJohn

hope they don't kill each other off. Had a semi-discount train store in town and then a modeler opened a competing store and went to deep discounts, ended up killing each other because the market couldn't support both of them.

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