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Date: 03/15/17 10:23
Atlas NJT Cab car
Author: K4s

I have a fellow club member that just got his Atlas NJT ALP-45DP Loco and six multi level passenger cars ( including 2 cab cars).
It is one sweet running train in either push or pull mode!
Atlas states the cab cars are equipped with a 21 pin decoder socket and I can see previsions for mounting a speaker on the floor of the car.
These features are to facilitate the installation of a sound and light (no motor) decoder in the cab car. 
Has any one heard of any plans or announcements of a decoder to accomplish giving control of lights and horn on these cab cars?
I have checked on the ESU and Sound Trax sites and mum's the word.

Date: 03/15/17 12:42
Re: Atlas NJT Cab car
Author: mcdeo

The Soundtraxx has the sound car option with horns, lights, and other sounds designed for cab cars. That would work.

Now if you're asking for a custom from manufacture drop in option? Not sure if any are in the works. But the generic one should be good enough. 

Mike ONeill
Parker, CO
Colorado Photos

Date: 03/15/17 18:53
Re: Atlas NJT Cab car
Author: tmurray

The ST decoder would require a rewire of the car, as it's on a 21-pin plug, but could work.
An ESU decoder would plug in directly, and can be programed with the correct sounds.
If you send ESU an email, I'm sure they can help you out, and direct you as to a plug-in decoder with the correct sounds and lighting functions.

Date: 03/20/17 06:30
Re: Atlas NJT Cab car
Author: Frank30

I was under the impression that the cab car was only available with lights and sound.  Offering it without is akin
to purchasing an auto without tires and then searching for tires. Atlas probably commissioned a special decoder
for this project (similar to what Rapido does) and it won't be on the LokSound product list for purchase
later. Perhaps Atlas will offer it. But wouldn't it be quicker to buy another cabcar fully outfitted with what you want
and sell the one you now have to somebody who doesn't want lights and sound?  It appears these cars and engine
are HOT items now and should not be difficult to find a buyer.  Only my opinion.

Date: 03/21/17 12:50
Re: Atlas NJT Cab car
Author: bioyans

The cab cars come with lights, but no sound. The lights supposedly reverse on regular DC. Not sure what they do on DCC since I haven't run mine yet.

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