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Date: 03/16/17 17:19
Ajin/Overland Brass
Author: Hookdragkick

I have a few brass cabeese from the 80s/90s. Does anyone know the type of solder used on these models?


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Date: 03/17/17 06:38
Re: Ajin/Overland Brass
Author: Auburnrail

For what it's worth, I have painted and "baked" various Overland models  over the years, and nothing fell off..got desoldered... at a temperature of 130 degrees F. However, Ihave also tried to solder stanchions back on (with 50/50 lead tin solder) and have closely adjacent stanchions come lose. A heat sunk, such as locking tweezers or some wet paper towels around part you are trying to protect helps. Be aware that some screens were held on with ACC during some runs in the 90's and these will definitely have to be reattached.
George Andrassy

Date: 03/17/17 08:26
Re: Ajin/Overland Brass
Author: jburek

Best way to address soldering on brass models is to use resistance soldering.

Date: 03/18/17 13:15
Re: Ajin/Overland Brass
Author: Hookdragkick

I like using 50/50 solder for repair work. A lot of the solder joints on these models look sloppy as if they were attached with a paste; that would make sense when working in proximity to smaller parts that might detach with nearby heat.

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