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Date: 03/17/17 05:38
Tru-Color Paint
Author: jburek

Will be using Tru-Color paint for the first time.  A couple of questions:  Does it need to be thinned prior to airbrushing & what is the recommended psi for good application??

Date: 03/17/17 05:57
Re: Tru-Color Paint
Author: flippin77

Do a search on this topic. There's plenty of posts of guys that have had frustrating and poor results with trying to spray their paint like Floquil. There's plenty of info and experiences people have shared here. Make sure you do your research before you try it. Best of luck.


Date: 03/17/17 06:46
Re: Tru-Color Paint
Author: andrewcastle

Although it says no thinning required the general agreement is to thin it anyway. I have got the best results by thinning it more than I would with other brands of paint, I thin it more to a consistencey of skim milk rather than the consistency of 2% milk like other brands of paint. I spray between 20 and 25 psi. Use Tru Color thinner for thinning and acetone or lacquer thinner for cleaning up.

Andrew C

Date: 03/17/17 06:47
Re: Tru-Color Paint
Author: HB90MACH

I find a higher pressure can make.a big difference on how a paint sprays. Does have a learning curve. I have inquired in the past about the pressures that the manufacturers use when formulating and testing. Asking them directly since I wasn't getting the results they claimed. Turned out the averages pressure uses is/was around 50 psi. That was back around when floquil still existed. To give an idea of psi to try. The idea is to atomize the paint for even distribution

Date: 03/17/17 11:59
Re: Tru-Color Paint
Author: imrl

To give specifics, this is what I have done with great results for me. I use Tru Colors own thinner for thing. Mix 3 parts thinner to 7 parts paint. Sprayed through a medium tip on a Paasche H airbrush at 28 psi. This is what works for me. As has been mentioned, acetone for cleanup which is super easy. 

Date: 03/17/17 12:30
Re: Tru-Color Paint
Author: Cupolau

Definitely use their thinner. I learned the hard way and had to start all over. As far as PSI goes, I would experiment with your gun because some require more/less PSI. I found cleanup easy with acetone.

Date: 03/17/17 14:06
Re: Tru-Color Paint
Author: ATSF3751

I use Tru Color with a cheap Badger airbrush. I thin to around a 60/40 mix paint to Tru color thinner and spray at 35PSI at air temps above 50 degrees F. I get good results with this method, and the airbrush never clogs and is really easy to clean.

Date: 03/17/17 16:11
Re: Tru-Color Paint
Author: Hoggers-Son

You guys who thin with their thinner...have found the need to add any of their retarder too, or no?  I have been told if thinned it will dry in the airbrush without retarder. 

Tom Surface
Chesterfield, VA

Date: 03/20/17 07:59
Re: Tru-Color Paint
Author: Chestnut

I literally just painted these this weekend using Tru Color. OMI HO UP LPG set. Sprayed at 20 psi thinned 50/50 using Tru Color thinner.

Date: 03/20/17 13:25
Re: Tru-Color Paint
Author: Dilworth

looks great

Date: 03/21/17 18:11
Re: Tru-Color Paint
Author: tracktime

I just thin using TruColor thinner - about 25-30%.  I've never needed to use their retarder.  25 psi through a Paasche Model H, with #3 tip. I use lacquer thinner to CLEAN the airbrush only, but TC's own thinner to thin the paint.


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