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Date: 11/30/18 11:58
PRR local passenger service
Author: bobdavis

The attached pic of eastbound local passenger train 426 slowing for a station stop at Bayfield, PA on my HO PRR "Blue Mountain Division" is typical of this type of train on a number of Pennsy lines in the mid 50s, including my "home" railroad, the Delmarva Division.  Trains 454/455 on the Delmarva had similar consists - a string of mail/express cars, an RPO, and a P70 coach somewhere in th middle of the train - right up to the mid 1960s.  The train in the pic will probably set off and/or pick up one or two mail cars at Bayfield, depending on the car cards in the train packet.    

The cinder ballasted track to the left of the passenger train is the Bayfield industrial runner, with several industry spurs switched by the local yard crew.  The building flats are by King Mill, an outfit that's been out of business for a couple of years.  I'm sure glad I got the ones I wanted when I did!


Date: 11/30/18 12:10
Re: PRR local passenger service
Author: King_Coal

Nice looking scene. Those flats look very well done.  I also enjoy trains with a lot of M&E. Can't quite make out the P70 in the middle. The Reading had trains that looked quite similar - coach or combine in the middle to make work events convenient I suppose.

Date: 11/30/18 13:14
Re: PRR local passenger service
Author: locogimp

That's a really nice looking layout! Great camera work also.

Jan Austin
Chico, CA
J.G. Austin Photography

Date: 11/30/18 13:24
Re: PRR local passenger service
Author: bigkidpgh

What a wonderful image. Modeling is very well done.

Date: 11/30/18 13:38
Re: PRR local passenger service
Author: boejoe

I was surprised to see in a Morning Sun book on PRR DelMarVa that Baldwin Sharks (freight version) went up and down the peninsula as well.  Not sure about PA's but that's what model railroads are all about - do your thing.  Are these PA's from P2K? Athearn? BLI?  Were train phone antennae factory supplied on the models or aftermarket add ons?  I think Bowser offered kits for most PRR version diesels.
You continue to receive compliments from the T.O. group - we really want to see more shots of your fine layout.

Date: 11/30/18 18:05
Re: PRR local passenger service
Author: bobdavis

The PA's are Life Like models from the late 1990s.  I added the PRR trainphones.  The original motors were real current hogs, drawing around 2.5 amps each.  When Walthers took over Life Like, they offered replacement motors that drew far less current, so I remotored the units before converting them to DCC.  One of the pair has a MRC 1803 sound decoder.  They've given pretty good service, at least to this point.


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