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Date: 01/06/19 16:15
Train Shows
Author: mahnud

Having only been actively involved in this hobby for about three years (grew up with American Flyer, though), I was wondering what tips, goals, other ideas other people had in their mind when attending train shows.  At the Houston World’s Greatest Hobby Show last year, I just went to see what was there.  I really liked a layout with orange groves set in South Texas (next to refinery - real Texas) and a larger scale German/European set for Christmas.  I don’t think shoppping is the main goal of most.  Am I wrong?

Date: 01/06/19 18:22
Re: Train Shows
Author: Streamliner

Every person is different.  Some go only to buy, some only to look at the displays, some only to do a bit of both and to, hopefully, bump into some old friends or make some new ones.

Date: 01/07/19 03:34
Re: Train Shows
Author: calsubd

It depends, when the National NMRA show came to Orlando 1 1/2 years ago I went to see the the big vendors, Athearn, Atlas, Badger and all the others, I scored a Great deal on a Badger airbrush set with RR paints,  at the local shows I set a goal for a car I won't see in the local hobby store, 3 years ago I picked up a depressed center 8 axle car for $20.00, so it's all up to you.

Ed Stewart
Jacksonville, FL

Date: 01/07/19 13:46
Re: Train Shows
Author: dh1205

My main goal is to try to find older stuff that isn’t available anymore. I also pick up tools/supplies that I may need as long as they’re decently priced. If it’s a show that the manufacturers attend, I’ll check out their booths to see what’s new and to check out pre production samples of anything I may be interested in. And lastly the bigger shows draw people in from far and wide, so I’ll use the time to talk to friends that do not live around me and that I don’t see very often. 

Date: 01/07/19 13:58
Re: Train Shows
Author: retcsxcfm

Try ebay.

Uncle Joe

Date: 01/07/19 15:03
Re: Train Shows
Author: wabash2800

Interests vary but if you attend a few you'll find what shows are good for you and what shows you don't want to frequent anymore. Dealers learn the same thing. I'm doing mostly scratchbuilding now and my standards are bit higher than most and seeing the same layouts over and over doesn't appeal to me either.

I am fortunate to have a hobby shop nearby and if they don't have what I want, they order it for me with free shipping. Except for the big shows like the NMRA puts on, or Milwaukee show or other big ones out East,  I don't think the local shows are as fun as they used to be. But your mileage may vary. IMO, many of the good dealers have left because of the Internet.

Victor A. Baird

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Date: 01/07/19 15:33
Re: Train Shows
Author: mahnud

I use ebay, to find local road names and Chinese electronics. A train show to me seems to be the opposite of ebay.

I recall several vendors in Houston with lots of inventory but no system I could figure out. And lots of Lionel, but I grew up an American Flyer child.

Maybe next time I will chat (not something I normally do) with the display/sales rep. I did enjoy the display by Caboose Industries, bought a sample, and will use more when I give up on DCC control of turnouts.

Posted from iPhone

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Date: 01/12/19 17:55
Re: Train Shows
Author: tq-07fan

retcsxcfm Wrote:
> Try ebay.
> Uncle Joe
> Seffner,Fl.

I say try both. I like attending shows and I actually like, no, love selling at shows. I too enjoy going to shows and talking to people. Definitely not every show is equal. I'm a big fan of the smaller local shows where you never know what will show up. The last one I went to though was so under-advertised that less than a hundred people showed up in two days and if nothing changes probably won't attract any vendors again. I do like some of the big shows, in particular when Bachmann and a few others bring cars with some slight problems for sale super cheap. I like looking at the clubs and displays. I actually joined a club at a show and stayed with it for several years before I realized it was a waist. I've seen other clubs though at shows that appear to be much more fun and people getting along much better. The show gives you a sneak peak at how everyone behaves and plays well with each other, or not.

I also sell on eBay and buy on eBay. Have had some great experiences with some very nice people, both buyers and sellers and some experiences where I worried that I would get a negative feedback over a stupid mistake or did a lot of work for no feedback at all.

Whatever you do though, have fun!


Date: 01/12/19 22:07
Re: Train Shows
Author: MojaveBill

Bsack in the '80s when I lived in DC I always went to the Ellicott City shows, mostly to buy older stuff for kit-bashing. Saved a bundle and really enjoyed modifying N scale passenger cars into equipment not then available, cars I still run!

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

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