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Date: 01/11/19 11:57
Movin' Some Grain
Author: funnelfan

Ran my circa 1994 BN Grain Train at the River City Modelers layout in Spokane last evening. Just love the sound from my ScaleTrains SD40-2 on the point. Power was a Scale Trains BN SD40-2, Kato BN SD40-2, Kato EMD Lease ex-Conrail SD40, and Atlas BN C30-7 pulling 28 cars. In 1994 BN was recieving hordes of new grain cars that were showing up in nearly unit trains, sometimes with a block of older cars mixed in to fill the train out.

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

Date: 01/11/19 15:06
Re: Movin' Some Grain
Author: bnsfsd70

I dig it!  I miss those days on the BN.

- Jeff

Date: 01/11/19 20:42
Re: Movin' Some Grain
Author: tomstp

Nice Ted.

Date: 01/11/19 20:59
Re: Movin' Some Grain
Author: atsf121


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Date: 01/12/19 22:13
Re: Movin' Some Grain
Author: MojaveBill

I wouldn't want to be near that pile of sawdust in an earthquake...

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

Date: 01/15/19 10:11
Re: Movin' Some Grain
Author: navarch2

That is some huge terminte mound there.....

Bob :)

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