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Date: 06/15/19 22:01
D&RGW 60000 series Cookie Box models
Author: fbe


This thread got started over on the linked Nostalgia & History Discussion. A photo of one car is attached to the OP. I have wondered about the fidelity of the two models I have and no mention is made of a prototype white car the photo of a light car with black ends seems a better match than a silver car with silver ends.

Thanks for any information.

Date: 06/15/19 23:11
Re: D&RGW 60000 series Cookie Box models
Author: PHall

There was an article on these cars in the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society "The Prospector" magazine about a year or so ago.

Date: 06/16/19 13:50
Re: D&RGW 60000 series Cookie Box models
Author: fbe

Here is a MR thread if TO will allow the link. Includes photo of silver car.


The photo shows a car with modern rolling pin ends. The darts on each side of the end are connected with thin ribs.

This is a years old TO post by CrudPunko about Cookie Box. His photo of a silver car in work train service shows older improved dreadnaught ends than the other linked photo.


Seems there were 68 cars in this 60000 series but they were general freight service boxcars modified for the Keebler elves. The North Yard employee parking lot was a great place to wait for Rio Grande power roster shots. The special agents didn't run you off as long as you stayed in the car. They asked you to leave if you stepped out.

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Date: 06/16/19 13:53
Re: D&RGW 60000 series Cookie Box models
Author: SPDRGWfan

The Intermountain 40' Cookie Box box cars are foobies or stand-ins and there have been a lot of them on eBay.  

One of the primary spotting differences between the real thing and the IMRC model is the bottom side sill, which is straight on the Pressed Steel built 40 box cars while the IMRC model has a side that is not straight and has a number of cut-outs with tabs in between.  Intermountain makes a brown 40' box car decorated for D&RGW but I believe it represents a class that D&RGW leased second hand.

I recall some chatter on the rio grande io groups list about the pressed steel box cars.  I can't remember if there were efforts to come up with a kit, which would be pretty cool.  I'll have to dig around to see if where that was going.

Cheers, Jim Fitch

Date: 06/16/19 14:10
Re: D&RGW 60000 series Cookie Box models
Author: fbe

Thanks, Jim.

From the photos in the posted links the IM cars are very close with the panel roof with the right number of flat panels. The improved dreadnaught ends look right but there are modern improved dreadnaught ends used as well. The 12 panel riveted sides are a match as are the side grabirons. So that mostly means filling the gaps on the side sills and matching the paint there. I haven't counted the ladder rungs on the side nor identified the IH on the model as 10'6" or the proper 10'0".

Date: 06/16/19 14:39
Re: D&RGW 60000 series Cookie Box models
Author: SPDRGWfan

Yeah, the bottom side sill is the biggie. I noticed it right off the bat as soon as I got my copy of Jim Eager's book. I counted the side panels and they look close if not correct.

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Date: 06/16/19 22:10
Re: D&RGW 60000 series Cookie Box models
Author: fbe

Here are two of the Rio Grande Western Intermountain kits. They did get the heralds and lettering in order.

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