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Model Railroading > We call her .... Loralei

Date: 06/30/19 18:03
We call her .... Loralei
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Not the river siren on the Rhine in Germany, thats Loralea.

This is Loralei, the mermaid that saved Bonehead when he fell off his surfboard.

Date: 06/30/19 18:28
Re: We call her .... Loralei
Author: tomstp

Hmmmmmmmm, mermaid looks somewhat familiar  but, I prefer those T&P GP-7's.  yeaowzaa.

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Date: 06/30/19 20:20
Re: We call her .... Loralei
Author: fbe

She will never make it on a road crew. There is nothing in the rule book about getting on and off moving equipment trailing flipper first.

Date: 06/30/19 22:11
Re: We call her .... Loralei
Author: MojaveBill

I think she spells her name Lorelei...

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

Date: 06/30/19 23:26
Re: We call her .... Loralei
Author: DKay

What's Lard Lad's name sittin over on yonder rock near the geep....and where's the gorilla these days ?

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