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Model Railroading > Bulkhead...Trailer Train Style.

Date: 09/01/19 21:09
Bulkhead...Trailer Train Style.
Author: obsessedfoamer

Its coming along...

Date: 09/01/19 22:04
Re: Bulkhead...Trailer Train Style.
Author: CSX602

Looks very nice...  Great looking wood planks!  That's awesome!
BTW, If you change the light weight from 80200 to 80300 then the numbers will add up the 263000 total that the light weight and load limit should add up to... making those patch numbers 100% believable.

Modeling tip shared from a friend who was a real railroader along with a modeler...  
Some of those car data numbers (LD LMT and LT WT) are directly interrelated, and on the real cars very important in the proper billing for car loads.  Whenever you see such patched over light weights (LT WT) on cars it means the car was reweighed and found to be different than prior marked empty car weight.   The person who stencils the new light weight (changing the LT WT to nearest 100 pounds) would also do the new load limit (LD LMT) number - which for those cars (so called 100 ton cars) would be 263000 minus the new light weight...  263000 - 80300 (LT WT) = 182700 (LD LMT)   Or if the LT WT were 80200 the LD LMT would then be 182800. 

Your modeling skill with the wood, paint and weathering are all top notch...   Just sharing a tip to take the car data to the top level too.  (A tip that some decal manufacturers and model manufacturers could use too)

Date: 09/02/19 04:56
Re: Bulkhead...Trailer Train Style.
Author: funnelfan

Yes, generally the combined LT WT and LD LMT should equal 220k, 263k, or 286k depending on what standard the car was built for. I also wonder about that ACI placard placement, as I thought they were to be to the right on the side of the car. Great job with those end boards. Seems they are always broken or missing on the cars we get on our shortline.

Nevermind, I did find a car with the ACI between the reporting mark and the number, although it was rare.

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

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Date: 09/02/19 09:15
Re: Bulkhead...Trailer Train Style.
Author: Hookdragkick

ACI panels between the reporting marks was a Trailer Train "trademark". Rare, no... Look at the TT pools from the '70s, and you'll see plenty of TTPX, MTTX, OTTX, TTX and TTAX to name a few with ACIs "in-between". 

OP, kick ass Flat! Keep paying homage to those old cars with the proper details.

Date: 09/02/19 10:39
Re: Bulkhead...Trailer Train Style.
Author: retcsxcfm

What I like is the bent up ACI panel.

Uncle Joe

Date: 09/02/19 11:48
Re: Bulkhead...Trailer Train Style.
Author: atsf121


Date: 09/02/19 14:03
Re: Bulkhead...Trailer Train Style.
Author: bnsfsd70

Looking great!

- Jeff Carlson

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