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Date: 09/06/19 03:13
Whale back Tenders.
Author: MMD

 Can any Southern Pacific modeler tell what Number C - 9 / 10  2-8-0s had whale back tenders.  I know of 2770 in Oregon I have an old Balboa 2-8-0 with a whale back tender in the mail to me at present.
   Going to take a bit of tinkering to get it set up to run OK, possible a re gear I would think.
            Many thanks in advance.

New Zealand.

Date: 09/06/19 07:52
Re: Whale back Tenders.
Author: Arved

Tony Thompson had a blog about Whaleback tenders. He included a photo of C9 2592. He notes that the C9s were built with square or Vanderbilt tenders, but some had them swapped later in life. Some others seem to believe the square tender wasn't all that common, either:


If you compile a list, I'd be interested in it! I'm working on a couple SP 2-8-0s right now myself. Actually, they're UP consolidations, but since both SP and UP shared a Common Standard design for the C9, I'm converting PFM/United UP 2-8-0s to SP. Hardest part will be the walkways.

All the best,

Arved Grass
Fleming Island, FL
Arved Grass

Date: 09/06/19 11:24
Re: Whale back Tenders.
Author: Westbound

The SP 2799 had a whaleback tender. There is a photo of it on page 54 of The Southern Pacific Trackside at Transition book by Alden A  Armstrong. 

I believe it was a C-9. 


Date: 09/08/19 18:32
Re: Whale back Tenders.
Author: Barstool

SP whale back tenders 2714,2568,2585 and 2792, in the early 50's SP began swapping tenders when the engines weredue for shop work,,,,

Date: 09/10/19 18:33
Re: Whale back Tenders.
Author: Arved

Photo from eBay showing 2552 with whaleback tender:


And 2648:




2601 in LA 1940s. Note "lines" lettering and black smoke box front:


Arved Grass
Fleming Island, FL
Arved Grass

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